Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


10. Ch 9 Why me?


Camilla's P.O.V.

    As I woke up,sleeping next to Liam. I smiled, he was too cute. As I looked out,it was daylight, should I wake up Liam? Or- Nah I'm going to wake him up.

"Liam, babe wake up",I shook him gently on his chest.

"mmmmm" he moans. Seriously he loves it when I shake his chest, but it's cute.

"oh good morning babe",he said, while he kissed my forehead,and hugs me close to him,while our legs is dangled up together. 

"Well looks like someone missed my hugs",I said laying my head on his chest.

"well I can't take it, when your not awake"

"And I can't take it without seeing your face everyday",I said smiling so happy

"promise me,you won't get into another coma"

"hehehe,okay I promise"

 After we laid together in silence,something just popped in my mind, like Liam is popular,and always win prom king,and I'm just a loser who sits on the sidelines doing nothing,well softball,but every year Liam and Macy always win Prom King and Queen.

"Hey Li"

"Yeah babe"

"why me?"

"what do you mean?"

"I meant why did you chose me,we're the opposite,like your popular,wins prom king every high school year,and the team captain of baseball,while I'm sitting on the loser sidelines,always get rejected in prom, and not the team captain in Softball"

"Your not a loser,I love the way you are,you perfection and everything,your my life,the one I will be with forever"

"yeah forever"

"what's wrong?"

"Liam what happen if you got accepted to a college baseball,and I got accepted in photography and being on the magazine"

"Well you follow you're dreams ,and baseball,I'm retiring on my Senior year,while me and the boys...um well"

"well what?"

"My friend's cousin has an uncle and he's.....well"

"Tell me"

"He's Simon Cowell"

"Are you serious Liam that's great so you and the boys are going to sign a contract on your last year of highschool,but I never hear you sing before", I said so happy,this is great for him.,but some reason he's not happy.

"Liam, what's wrong?",I said sadly.

"But when I get signed in the contract,and you being in college with other boys and me in a tour bus,and getting chase by random girls, and I don't know if I ever see you again",he said so worried.

"Liam, calm down okay we will be together,okay I don't care if a random girl kiss your cheek or hugs you super long,I'm not holding you back,you can do whatever you want,I'm not controlling your life"

"but Camilla,what happens if you met some boy and just left me?or having a one night stand?or cheating in me?or-",He was asking way to much questions,but to shut him up I kissed him on the lips.

"Liam, babe calm down, I wouldn't even leave you,your my first,and we will always be together"

"Forever?",he said

"forever",then I placed another kissed on his lips,our lips were moving in sync,His tongue entering my mouth. Then Liam hands travel on my back,and down to my waist, the to my butt, I moaned, and our mouth vibrated, when I moaned. Liam was placing kisses to my cheek,to my chin, to my neck. Then I have to stopped him cause this was getting to heated.

"Liam not now, we're at a hospital,not a bedroom",I said 

"okay",he said removing his hand from my bare back.The doctor came in and Liam got off the bed,too give me more space.

"well hello Ms. Florence, luckily nothing injured,and your brain is perfectly fine"

okay thank goodness.

"but", he said,"you may have a diet causing cancer"

"what's that?",Liam asked.

"it's when her cells is not getting healthy and strong,that's why she's in coma not falling down the stairs, you only got few bruises,but she was in a concussion cause her cells weren't strong enough, so your boils sugar is low and,right now she needs a rest,and drink a lot of water",he said walking away. I have a diet problem,well I haven't ate any junk food,candy,or meat,all I drank is water. But why me? Why do I get the bad luck. 

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