Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


13. Add a Nose Ring

Camilla's P.O.V.
I was so bored and Liam is in his room sleeping, so I don't want to disturb him, it was 7:00 am anyways, and I woke up, and he had a rough day. I let him enjoy his sleep. I was looking through the magazine and so far I see most Celebs have nose rings, I looked at myself, I can get a piercing on my left side. I smell the most delicious breakfast downstairs. I walked down and see my dad cooking. 

"Dad your cooking now"

"Well.....your mother is asleep so why not do something special for her"

"Let me guess the truth, you were dreaming about mum's waffles the other night, so you decided to get up and make breakfast"

"It's actually bacon dear"

"Close enough", I sat down with my magazine.

"So dear, tell me the real truth about Liam's parents, I can tell when your lying, your mother well maybe not, she didn't notice the scars in his face"

"Well, the other day, he drove me to his house and I guess his dad got off work early and Liam hide my in his closet, then he got hurt, I was about to call the police, but he found me and he almost dragged me out of his room, but Liam punched him in the face and he brought me in his car, and I told him he can stay"

"Well dear, since he really cares about you and you really cares, I guess maybe he can live here till we found out what we're going to do"

"Okay thanks dad", I said 

"No problem sweetie", he hugged me and I smell something burnt.

"Dad", as we didn't part

"Yes dear"

"Your bacon is burning"

"MY BACON!", he got up and went to the stove. 

I laugh, I got up, and walked to him.

"Hey dad if it's alright, can I get a nose ring", as he turn off the stove he turn to me.

"Umm why?"

"Well it's popular and all the celebs have it and I feel like I want one too"

"You know you have to take it out during your softball games"

"I know, but can I"

"Alright, you can get one though, just one"

"Thank you dad", I said, I got up, an walked up to my room, as I open my door, Liam open his door, I turn he looked so tired.

"Babe, why are you awake?", I said walking close to him, I snaked my arms around his back.

"I heard your footsteps", he said with a morning voice.

"Sorry if I wake you up, c'mon, you can sleep in my bed", I said, I grabbed his arms and guide him, he was sleepy and he is still half of sleep, I laid him down I pulled the covers over him. I kissed his forehead, then I heard him lightly snore. I got up, and went and grabbed a gray baggy sweatshirt, and denim shorts. I added a beanie over my head, and I just wore mascara. I will leave in 2 house it's way early to go to the mall. I gently walked over to Liam, I slid under the blankets. I lean closer to his ear.


"Hmmm", he hummed still asleep.

"When you wake up, do you want to go to the mall with me?"

"Hmmm..I don't know"

"Well you can stay here and rest then, me and Bailey are going to the mall"

"Okay thank you", then he went back to sleep. I laid back down, I went in my phone, and texted

Me: Bailey you wanna go to the mall with me and get myself a nose ring :) and sorry if this text wakes you up :(

I pressed send, I laid back down, and my phone buzzed

Bailey: okay, what time do you want to go? 

Me: how about 9? I can pick you up at your house

Bailey: okay, sounds good, how's thing with you and Liam?

Me: It's a long story and I will tell you in the car, but I say we're going great 

Bailey: I'm going to get some shut eye again see you later

Me: ok Bails later

I place my phone in my back pocket. I got up and went over to the little couch next to my window. I sat down and open the window, I felt the fresh air and birds chirping. I closed the window, and gently walked downstairs. I walked into the living room, and out on Friends. Don't judge me, I love this show. I was in the middle of watching till my stomach growled. I groaned, I still have one hour to make waffles. My mum taught me everything how to make them. I went to the kitchen, I guess my dad was done cause he's not I here. I started bringing out the ingredients and started working my magic.

*few minutes later* 
As I was done I placed waffles in a plate, I made some for everyone, as I just put my plate on the table, mum,dad and Liam came out.

"Don't tell me you guys woke up cause I made waffles"

"Well we would but that will be a lie", my dad said

"Well go sit down, I will get you guys plates" they all sat down, I open the cabinet and grabbed all the plates and forks, I place it, Liam was looking tired his eyes are closed and droopy.

"Babe you okay?", I said.

"Yeah just a little tired, as little weak", I put my hands over his forehead.

"Babe your burning up"

"I'm fine"

"Babe your really burning up, go sit in my room and I will bring you your breakfast", he nodded and walked upstairs. I grabbed his plate, and put waffles and eggs I added syrup. My parents are looking at me.


"Nothing it just out baby is growing up so fast", my mom said I rolled my eyes and laugh, I walked to my room. And saw Liam laying down.

"C'mon baby sit up", he did, I fed him since he was weak, he chew slowly.

After we're done eating. I laid Liam back down with a damp towel over his forehead, as I put my shoes on, and I grabbed my purse.

"Liam babe, I have to go now, please rest, I will be right back", I pecked his lips.

"Okay bye babe", he groggily said, I walked downstairs and my parents are watching TV.

"Okay Liam is asleep, don't disturb him, he has a fever,now I'm going to the mall with Bailey be back soon", I said, I grabbed my keys, and left. I open my driver seat and went inside, I started the engine, and put in my seatbelt. I backed up, and hit the pedal to the metal, and drove to Bailey house.

I drove to her house, and I honked the horn, she run out of the door and run to my car, she open my door and stepped inside. We hugged each other.

"You looking fantastic now tell me about you and Liam", she said putting her seatbelt on.

"Okay so.."

I told her along the way to the mall, 
I was done when we reached the mall.

"Wow... That's surprisingly bad"

"Yeah it is c'mon lets go to Claire's",
 We got out and we walked to Claire's.

"Ready?", she said

"Yeah let's head in", we head in to get this over with.

*15 minutes* 
I looked in the mirror of my new nose ring in the left side I smiled.
"I like it"

"Yeah me too I wish I have one but my parents thinks I'm going emo"

"Haha well come on, lets go back, I need to see Liam"

"You worry about him"

"I am, his father is abusive", 
Then we left. 

Hey guys, okay, for Teenage Hearts I'm not making another chapter, I thought about it and said, you know what? It's going to take me awhile, so I'm not making another chapter I lied, I thought I was but yeah, for Just a Word, I deleted it, cause well I have two stories to get through, and I want to finish them, so sorry about the mixed up, and I made a new cover hope you like it. And Camilla is at the bottom of the picture.


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