Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


8. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore by Bon Jovi ft. LeAnn Rimes

Nikki's POV:

This felt right, standing here in his arms. and plus he smelled so good, that i kinda just melted. But after only about two minutes of crying in his arms, he picked me up and carried me to the couch. i had never been carried since my mom. i felt like that little kid who pretended to be asleep just to get carried into bed. i felt like a kid for once. i was going to be a senior in high school and i had no idea what to do with my life. I'm not exceptional at anything really. Well at least i am told I'm not. I just wanna leave this place. I barley made the varsity soccer team but i need to get better. I'm the only goalie now. Great. I am not sure why i am so hard on myself. I have always pushed myself to a breaking point. but right here in his arms i felt like i could relax and feel at ease. I wish i could always feel this way but i knew it was ending once i felt his tight soothing grip relax. i loosened mine but he didn't fully let go. he kept his hands on my hips while i shyly played with my hands. He was so cute! i guess it was just an awkward silence while we just stare into each other's eyes. Do you ever have that moment where you just have this feeling that this is what you were suppose to be doing and where you were suppose to be forever? Well i had that feeling, i was suppose to be here with him and no where else. He was my forever. I had no idea who he was but i had to have him. i just wanted to be with him, i didn't care whether i became a doctor or lawyer or bus driver; if i had him nothing mattered, nothing. 

"Here i can show you to your room, unless you wanna just stay here." I heard Karalyn say. I completely forgot there were other people people here. Embarrasssing! 

I followed her down a hall to a room. i remembered it was next to her dads because when we stayed here while he was away we would sleep in his huge bed. We entered the room and walked to the bed. "You can stay here as long as you want to. And help yourself to any food or clothing. If you are here during school we can get you some of your own. But really if you want to stay here until graduation it's fine. I can't what you're going through and i want to help in any way possible. If you need me I will always be here for you, i promise." She began to cry and i pulled her into a hug. Her team was everything to her and it showed. She could break a leg and not shed a single tear. She was a strong girl and we all loved her for that but it also worried us. She would never bring her personal life to the field and we all knew she missed her dad when she felt and we wished she would just cry for herself and not just for us. 


Winter's POV:

Everything at the house was getting crazy and it was turning into to much for me at the moment so i went out to the neighborhood lake. I went to skip rocks and do a little bit of fishing. At first it was nice sitting here with me and the world around but it got kinda lonely. I decided that even though this many people in one house was a little bit loud, i knew that it always gave me something to do and i knew i would never be bored. I decided to cast my line one more time before i would walk back to the house. But i felt a presence watch over me. I didn't dare to turn around so i just focused on the lake but then a boy came and sat down next to me. I saw the big brown eyes of Liam Payne looking out at the lake. I gave a slight smile but soon wiped it off my face. We had been sharing a room together but he wouldn't even share a bed with me! He hadn't even kissed me on the lips yet! I was totally sure then that he was into me but i guess not. He seemed distant. 

"Excuse me young lady, you cannot just leave me like that." He said in a fatherly tone. I just kinda sat there. Not knowing what to say. "hmmm?"

"I got bored i guess!" i laid back on the short wooden pier and looked up in the setting sky. I was trying to be distant from him but i had all these feelings deep inside me. How could i trust guys, i am always told that they're all the same. 

i know one boy wasn't though. When we moved down here to get away from my dad, my mom wanted us to be free of men but that wasn't until she met Thomas. Thomas was a strong military man who saved her swept her feet off the ground in our new grocery store. They met about a year after we moved to this place. They quickly fell in love and got married. He was a real father figure i could look up to and he was more of my dad than my actual one. He got deployed this year and i miss him terribly. I know you hear this in just about every movie but when i look up at the sky i just know that he is looking at same sky. 

"Winter, are you alright?" It was Liam's voice that got me out of my trance. i didn't even realize i was crying. 

"Yeah sorry." I laughed a little. I could tell just by the sound of his voice he actually did care if i was okay. I hadn't heard a tone like that come from a guy in months. 

"Well i guess i have to make you un-bored." i laughed a little. 

"I would like to see you try." I said sarcastically, but he took it all to real. 

And that was exactly what he did. He picked me up bridal style and began to run towards the pool. I wasn't wanting to go there but i guess he did. he threw me over his shoulder while he typed in the pool code and opened the door. He kept me over his shoulder and i just watched the world behind him. And that when i saw the beautiful bum. But it wasn't long until i was flying through the air. I went so high and it felt so nice until i hit the water, really hard. once i resurfaced i screamed in pain and before i could blink i felt Liam's strong arms around me. I did a back flop on the water and trust me it hurt like hell. He held my waist so my head was above water. I put my hands on his shoulders to give me some more support. For a second we were about an inch away and it seemed as if we were going to kiss but he looked away. I was done with this. I honestly thought he liked me and i was beginning to trust him but he just kept rejecting the thought of us. 

"I am so done with this." I swam to the steps. He was just playing with my feelings and i had enough. Guys always hurt me, that's why i never tried to be close to one. 

I was almost out of the pool, on the last step and i was pulled back into the pool. 

"Winter where are you going?" He had this hurt look in his eyes but i knew that i would be the first one to cry. 

"I like you and you keep rejecting me and i don't allow many guys in my life and i know that you will hurt me," the tears began to rush out of my eyes while he held my forearms so i wouldn't swing them around and run off, "I just really cant do this anymore and i don't wanna be hurt and i just-" but before i could say goodbye i was interrupted. but it wasn't by what he said, it was by what he did. 

He finally kissed me!

He pushed his lips up against mine and the rest is history. 



**The next morning**

i wake up to the sun peaking from my blinds. I leaned over the bed to take a peak at my watch. the small hand was on the 7. it was seven in the morning. I wanted so badly to fall back asleep but i knew i couldn't. If you knew what went on last night you couldn't sleep either. I slipped on a long tee shirt and crawled out of bed so i wouldn't wake Liam. My whole body was sore and i really just wanted to get out of this room. I went to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of oj and a bowl. I stepped over to the pantry and looked at the boxes of cereal. i began to cry. I rested my head against the shelf in the pantry and a figure appeared behind me. I hoped and wished it wasn't Liam. He was so happy after last night and i wanted him to be happy. We were finally together but i gave up something i shouldn't have given up. I was only a child and now everything was moving so fast. I wanted to be the girl i was before last night. i began to cry a little louder. 

"Honey don't cry." That voice wasn't Liam but it was Karalyn. i turned around and she pulled me into her arms and rubbed my head. I began to sob uncontrollably. 

"I did something i shouldn't have done with Liam last night and I'm not sure if i was fully protected. I'm so scared." She walked me to the couch and i laid in her lap. 

"I love him but i wasn't ready for this." It was true. She was completely silent and still and when she would console me in the past. I looked up at her. "Karalyn do you hear me!" Her face softened and she shed a tear. i stopped yelling and whispered knowing i didn't want the whole house knowing my dirty little secret. "I had sex with Liam Payne." 

Just when i said that he walked into the room. I know he didn't hear me but he told me before that he could read lips. I knew that was exactly what he did. He scooped me out of Karalyn's arms and ran me back into our room. 

"Why would you tell her that?" He whisper-shouted at me. 

"She is my best friend, she won;t tell anyone but I'm hurt. I wanted you to be my first real relationship not that kind of first." I wasn't crying much anymore. 

"I want to be your first everything. Let me be that man." 

It wasn't like i didn't want him to be that man but not yet. It all reminded me of what my own dad did to me and it scared me all but i knew if i walked away from this i would never get this chance again. It was now or never. So i chose now. 

"Then let's be together but in a real way. I can't handle anything more." I prayed that was what he would take. 

The look on his face, i could not figure out what it said. I didn't know if he wanted to be my one true love or just a sexual lover. It was either going to be a start or an ending. 

"Winter I..."

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