Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


2. Thunder by Boys Like Girls

They came over and we were screaming straight for like 3 hours. We kinda lost our voices that day. When we finally calmed down we talked and thought about what it would be like to all be there together. We were such fans and we each had our boys. I loved Niall, Tarasca loved liam and winter was obsessed with harry. She knew everything about him. And if you asked her where he was she would know. Everyone at our school knew we were going to get tickets. They paid me for their tickets and we all actually slept that night. It wasn't that way for the next two night.

In the morning we had pancakes and waffles. We were all really skinny but trust me we ate so much! We could eat as much as the boys. We decided to get a neighborhood soccer game together and then chill at the pool.

Todd was my cute next door neighbor that all the girls were obsessed with at school. We were best friends. Freshman year we dated for a few months but we both decided that we were better off friends. We still flirted like crazy to each other. He was the star goalie in the county. And second best in the state. He was a year older so he was getting college offers already. Every time he would get a new one he would run over and run up to my room and show me. He didn't care what time it was excited about each one.  He would usually end up falling asleep in my bed when he would wait for me to come home sometimes at our late night practices so he could show me the best offers. When he got a partial scholarship to Georgetown he waited the whole weekend until i got back from my tournament. When i did i saw him on my bed waiting. He jumped on me and threw me on the bed. He was so happy. But he has still be waiting for a scholarship to North Carolina. He wanted to stay in state and stay home. I was also waiting for an acceptance there too. Our girls team was the best in the state. We hadn't lost a game in two years so far, hoping to make it three. Besides this girl caroline i was the best player on the team. And most of the girls hated me for it. Caroline was a senior and got into Stanford with a full ride. I was hoping i could get a full ride.

"Oh look who it is" Todd ran up to me jumping on my back and kissed me on the cheek. I felt like now we were more like brother and sister.

"Get down i gotta talk to you." He got off my back and put his arm around my shoulder. I laughed again. We walked down the street talking while winter and tarasca got some girls to play. "Get your team together were playing a game. Boys against girls like usual. Get ready to get beat."

"Awh honey you think you can beat us this time. Since you lost your goalie last year we always win." Since fifth we played these summer games. There were always two groups the high school and lower level teams. Boys against girls and ever since last year the girls dominate but this year we were loosing. It was a normal thing to play and we would all hangout until 11 in my front yard. .

He ran off and got the boys. I came back saw the girls were all here. There were 7 of us. They were all from the neighborhoods around us. But they all lived in another county. So we only opposed each other in school games, here we played together. I had a huge back yard and it extended to the other county. Just through the woods i had a "field" and goals. They put it up there so i could practice for a scholarship because if i didn't get one i had to pay for school myself. They had to so i would have to. And there was a trampoline back there too. The girls and i walked back. It was hot, extremely hot so we played in our sports bras and shorts. It wasn't anything bad or sexual about it, it was just hot like always in the summer.

The boys showed up and began to play. We played till someone reached ten goals. We always played that way. Most of the boys took off their shirts by the time we were beat the 6-4 but then they came back and beat us 10-9. The game lasted a little over 2 hours. We were all so hot so we started walking to my neighborhood pool. We ended up having piggy back races. First half way the boys would race with the girls on them. I was always on Todd's back, we usually never traded partners in our hangout days. Winter and Steven would always win we did it that way. But when it was the boys on the girls back i would beat all the other girls. We changed in the bathrooms into our suits and jumped into the pool. Everyone else went home around 9 and me and Todd stayed just talked. My curfew to be in my yard was ten so by 9:30 we slowly walked back and once we got back we just sat in the grass telling each other corny jokes. The sky was always so pretty at night in the summer. All the starts would sparkle. We soon ended up looking up at the stars pointing out constellations. I sat up.

 "Its so pretty hear. I wanna stay here my whole life." I said.

"Are you still freaking out at NC?" He sat up at looked straight into my eyes. He had the prettiest grey eyes.

"Well yeah. You haven't gotten your letter yet either!"

"It will come and so will yours. You still got another two year! Just enjoy junior year!" He was getting tired you could hear it in his voice.

"I guess i could try." I gave him a hug and he held on longer than usual.  He finally let go and held my hand. I smiled. Then something clicked in my and told me to lean in close to him. I did as my body told me to and before i knew it his lips were on mine. The feelings i had for him began to come back. We were really happy together back then. People who didn't know us thought we were together. Before i could ever want to pull away his mother called for him. He kissed me on the cheek like he always had done before, smiled and ran home kicking my soccer ball with him. I went back into my house, showered and sat on my bed contemplating what had just happened. Around 11:30 i got a text from Todd. 

'Night baby, sleep tight.' He sent me.  I just w starred it not knowing what to say or what to do. I didn't think he had feelings but if he did i never saw them coming. I had to stop thinking about this. I was going shopping with the girls tomorrow and then the concert the next day. But then i would have to see him after that. I didn't know what to do so i went to sleep.

I was woken up the the sunlight shining through my window. I looked at the clock. 8:00am. Ugh why was i up. I got some jean shorts on a nice floral top. Winter showed up in white shorts and a band shirt i had never heard of. Tarasca showed up in jean black shorts and a red Georgia bulldog shirt. She loved all sorts of teams and i felt like she had a shirt for every team, college and professional. We went down to the mall and winter drove. A couple of guys came and talked to us but we had five other boys on our minds.  We stayed at my house that night and slept in until noon. I hadn't gotten another message from Todd. I wondered what was up with him. Today was the concert and i was so exicted! 

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