Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


1. The Best of Friends from The Fox and the Hound

Karalyn's POV:


It was years ago, back when they were on the x-factor, i think it was when they first got together or something but i had no idea of who they were that at the moment. I live in North Carolina and the only time you hear of someone amazing from England is when they make it big in the states. And i knew of the x-factor but I'm not big into the idol shows and dance stuff. I did however go on omegle often. It was nice talking to random strangers. But who knew some random stranger would bring me a love, a inspiration, and a chance to connect with all different kinds of people. I got on and the usual people saying to send them pictures and add them on Facebook (that was when it was popular) i did some, others were just creeps but this one stranger was different. I do not know for sure of any of this but i know that was where it all began.

A boy started talking to me, not asking for anything just a person to talk to. He seemed sweet so i asked for his name. He replied with harry styles. Seemed like a normal name at the time. He assured me that he was famous and was singer and was on this show. He said to google him so i did. He still seemed normal even though there were about 100 photos. I asked him where i could talk to him again but there was no way we possibly could. I was not allowed his Skype and he didn't have a Facebook nor did i have a twitter. He had to go and so i said my goodbye. Who knew that would be the last time i would speak to him ever. I thought. 

Soon after that i began listening to their music and such and it was amazing knowing that i had taken to someone who was this amazing. Soon after i began falling in love with blonde irish boy instead of the curly haired boy. I got tickets to their show the first year they toured to my state and then the second year i didn't get them at first and i was upset because i had saved up all my money so me and my close friend could go but they sold out so quickly that i just couldn't even do it. I cried for a week knowing that maybe i would have a chance next year. Maybe i could see them. But in the back of my mind i knew i probably couldn't anymore since they were just too popular everywhere.

Four months went by and the concert was three days away but i knew that i wasn't going. I kept hearing all over the internet about it and it made me upset.

I was laying on my bed doing my homework. I know it was the beginning of summer and usually you wait till the last minute to do everything but i had so much to do this year! I had my earphones in my ears playing every song that one direction has ever recorded. This is the only way i can get through this week. I heard a knock at my door and i turned off my music.

 "May i come in?" My dad said from the other side of the door.

"Yeah come in" i said kinda annoyed. I was actually getting a lot done.

"This letter came in the mail for you." He tossed it to me on the bed. It landed on the very edge almost falling off.

"Thanks." I said eyeing him to get out.  He finally left and i sat up criss-cross with letter in my lap. It was a card. Im not sure who it was from. It was stamped in Michigan. Thats weird. I don't know anybody from there. I opened it and it was a large card. I mean a lot bigger than normal. It was an anniversary card. I was now confused it was addressed to me, had my address and name but i wasn't even in a relationship! I read the card and it said "didnt want you to miss your "anniversary" -love daddy" I opened the card and two tickets fell out. I went to examine them and see what they were for. I saw two words, 11 letters and absolutely went crazy. I began jumping and screaming on my bed. My dad came on with a huge smile on his face and i jumped onto him hugging him. He set me back on the bed and i immediately called my best friends. They were coming over later but i had to tell them.

They were on the same team as me. We all had played soccer since we were little and were each on the same team since we were in fourth grade. They were the girls who got me through my first year of high school.

I called winter first. She was one of the funniest and prettiest girls you would ever meet. She was about 5'4" and had short light brown hair with blonde streaks that touched her shoulders. She never wore make up. But all the guys would still swoon over here. She played soccer the longest and i had met her when she moved here in fourth and joined the team.

"Hey girl what do-" winter started to say but i cut her off.

"Call Tarasca! And put her in the call." I yelled.

Tarasca is actually her last name. Her first is Sabrina but ever since we had about 5 Sabrina's our first grade class we called her that. She was extremely pretty too. She was 5'3" with long brown hair and blonde tips. I had known her since about birth. Our families were great friends and our parents had been best friends since high school. She lived four doors down from me but she was at the store right now. The boys were usually around her too because she was a major tomboy. The boys adored her too much. She had recently broke up with her boyfriend of almost a year because he got jealous of all the attention she got.

Now i was more of the girly one of the group. I would wear skirts more often and would wear mascara too. I had golden blonde hair with beach wave curls. I was very little though. I had no butt and not much of a body. A lot of the boys still wanted me not like winter and Tarasca. We all had a jock type though. Winter like the football or hockey player. Tarasca liked the soccer players and i like the baseball players. We had never fought over a boy since we really only dated those types of boys.

"You guys know I'm at the grocery store with my mom right? Ill be over in like two hours! " Tarasca whined.

"I don't know what this is about but i want to finish my toes." Winter said annoyed.

"Clear your friday because were going to the one direction concert!" I screamed.

I had three front row tickets to the one direction concert and i was taking my best friends.

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