Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


5. Stay by Sugarland

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well i had to tell you something. I didn't think you would have male company" he glared at harry, "please come over with me for a few minutes? Its really big!" Todd gave me puppy dog eyes.

"Okay just give me a few minutes. Then ill go." I told him. Harry put his stuff down and went downstairs. He was pissed.

While i was on the upstairs balcony i called for everyone.

"Okay so Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam will all share two guest rooms upstairs. And winter and Tarasca will be staying in the room downstairs next to my dads. Nobody will go into my dads room but the rest of the house is free to use." I said. We always stayed in that room when the girls slept over so it was nothing different.

"So uhm where is harry sleeping?" Tarasca gave me the meanest look.

"With me in my room." I glared at her then went back to my room. "Okay lets go. Why does it have to be at your house?"

"Because its huge." He lit up and grabbed my hand dragging me downstairs and out the door. We ran across our yards, through his door, up the stairs and into his room. "This is it." It was an envelope from north carolina. We both knew he was getting in but we just needed to know if he was getting a scholarship for soccer. "Open it with me and when yours comes i will open it with you!"  We both put our hands on the thick envelope and broke the seal. He pulled out the papers and we began reading. It wasn't long until we read the words "full-ride scholarship". We began jumping, screaming and hugging. It wasn't long until Todd pulled me into another kiss. I was shocked.

"I, uh, yeah, i gotta go." He looked so upset but i was still confused. "Ill Call you tonight kay?" I just said so he wouldn't be upset. He smiled and continued reading. I said bye to his mom and went back home. \

"Hey babe. You wanna show us around." Harry and Niall both came up to me and harry put his arm around my waist and Niall put his arm around my shoulder. I was so happy Niall's arm was on me not Tarasca.  I showed them the kitchen, entertainment room, bathrooms, and family room. I went through the den to show him the screened in porch and back yard. Right behind the house was our jacuzzi and a volleyball net. There were a few lawn chairs around but that was all. I took them on the one person wide path to the field. They had to take their arms off me to walk down the path. They gawked at the sight. It was just a field and trampoline. It was not even a full sized field. There were three paths. One to my house, one to Todd's house and the last went to the creek. It was about 1/4th of a mile to get there. It was a nice place to think. Sometimes i would go back there when i was home alone and sot and talk with Todd or Tarasca.

"Whats down there?" Niall pointed to the path that went to the creek.

"It leads to the creek." I said. Niall gave Harry a look then we all went back into the house.

We all watched a movie together. We watched the possession and i had seen it before but it was still creepy. Its not a very scary movie but it was creepy. After that we watched the blair witch project and i was scared this time i was hiding in harry's shoulder and i held onto Niall's hand tight. I really didn't care what anybody else thought. I held onto Niall's hand the entire time. I could tell harry was jealous about that. After that movie they were about to start watching jaws, when i jumped up and was like I'm gonna go make some snacks. Niall followed me into the kitchen. I was going to make my move until he began talking.

"You're making harry so jealous. He really like you karalyn." He said looking a little upset. I finished popping the popcorn in silence in the kitchen with Niall. Once i was done i could see Tarasca practically in harry's lap. I was so upset. First she takes Niall and now Harry! I went straight outside and ran to the creek. It took less then a minute to get there. About ten minutes later i heard someone walk up behind me.

"Are…okay" that was all i could hear while i cried. A strong arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me in. I felt safe in these arms. I didn't know who it was but i decided who this was, besides Liam because winter liked him and i wasn't going to hurt her, i was going to pick him. Once i couldn't cry anymore i looked up and saw the emerald green eyes of harry styles. It was amazing being here with him. He softly put his lips on mine and held it there.


Todd's POV:


She was kissing him. That was suppose to be me. But she didn't see me and i wasn't going to let her see me cry. I saw her run to the park and tried to get here as fast as possible. But my mom wouldn't let me out until after she finished eating dinner. I ran away. Through the woods so nobody saw me. I ran all the way home. We had the midnight soccer game tonight like we did every saturday night. I had never missed a game in years but i was feeling it tonight. I was going to get her back. We were meant to be together. He wouldn't stay long anyways and then things would go back to normal. I hope.


  Karalyn's POV: 


It was the midnight soccer game and all the boys sat on the sidelines in lawn chairs. Just because they were here we weren't going to stop our game. This game was only an hour long and we never kept score. It was fun and that was all. Everybody showed up except Todd. So louis stepped in his place. Once the game was over we all went home and me and harry went to our room. I laid in my room and put in a movie. I put in lady and the tramp.

"I cant see the movie, can i sit in your bed and watch it?" He asked.

"Yeah i guess so." I told him.

Ten minutes into the movie i fell asleep and right before i was completely out i felt harry kiss my head. A smile rose on my face and i went to sleep, dreaming about harry. I woke up to his arm around me and my head on his chest. I heard a knock at my door and it was Tarasca. I slowly got out of bed and shut the door silently. We went to sit on the stairs. It was 6 in the morning.

"Can we stop this fighting. I actually really like harry and i wasn't trying to take him from you at first. I swear. I feel bad." I whispered to her. .... "Same here. And i see the way he looks at you. And i actually got to know Niall last night and he's so sweet and i see why you liked him." She smiled and hugged me. "So do you care if i go for him?" I laughed and we hugged again.

"Is winter up?" I asked. She nodded and we went to their room. "Hey girl. So you guys can stay with the boys in a room, I'm fine with it but pleade don't do anything you will regret and please don't get pregnant! We have worked to hard to give up our futures." They laughed and pinky swore and they went back to bed and i went back upstairs. I went back to my room when i saw harry up.

"Sorry i fell asleep here, do you want me to go back to my bed?" He asked.

"No stay. I want you here with me." I said laying next to him on the bed. He laid back and i put my head on his shoulder like before and wrapped his arms around my body. I slept until about 9:30. When i woke up again, harry wasn't there. I got upset but went downstairs to make some coffee and tea but there was already a pot brewed and and the kettle was steaming. I went to the girls room but saw they were on the couch with cups in their hands. I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined them. .... "Where are the boys?" I asked them.  "Their car isn't here and but their stuff is still here. I heard them all leave this morning around 9. I don't know where they went. I think their gone for good. I actually thought Liam cared about me!" Winter cried. She never cried. Not even when she broke her leg. This wasn't good. 

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