Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


3. Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum

We came to the arena pretty early. They checked our tickets and we bought a couple shirts and took multiple pictures. We met up with some other friends and found  our seats. In the next 30 minutes the arena filled with girls, their parents and a few boys. Olly murs stepped on stage and everybody went crazy. Tarasca and winter didn't know of him, which i don't know how but they learned to love him. He sang for almost an hour an it was amazing. I cant tell you what happened when one direction finally stepped out on stage. Once the show was over a large man came up to us and showed us to a room. I was confused and started to freak out. I thought we were in trouble.

I was hyperventilating once a woman came in and said they would be right with you. They, you mean the police?! I don't know why Tarasca and winter weren't freaking out but once  they say me they told me to stop freaking out. We didn't do anything wrong they assured me.

"Then why are we here?" I was almost screaming.

"Well maybe if you would stop we could find out." Tarasca said sarcastically.

Winter actually was use to this kind of thing. Her dad used to rape her and abuse her when she was little. That's why she moved all the way across the country. Her and her mom moved here to get as far away as possible. It took her years to tell us why she actually moved. That's why she never tried to flaunt her beauty because she thought boys were just like her dad. She almost dated someone freshman year but her fears soon ended it before it had started. We never talked about it. She cried every time she thought about it.

"I just wanna go home."

"Your dad gave us a two am curfew, stop being a baby. We will get back. We cant just leave. We still don't know what this is about. " winter said  I sat down on the red couch opposite to them. Tarasca was eating the peanuts from the table and winter was stretched out next to her. 

Then i got a text.

'Hey darling.' It was from Todd.

'Hey!' I responded. 

'Where r u?'

'One direction concert with the girls.'

'Oh thats why i went to Tarasca's house an u werent there'

'You went over there?'

'Yeah i was looking for u'

I wondered why he wanted to see me tonight. It looked like he needed me badly because he wasn't a big fan of Tarasca, mostly because she had a crush on him back when he moved in in fifth and he didn't like her back. She also in middle school started some rumors about him and that is pretty much their whole past. They play nice in front of me but are not really friends.

"Who you texting?" Winter asked me. She was now playing with her hair.

"Todd" i answered and Tarasca rolled her eyes.

I still hadn't told them of when he kissed me the other night. I wanted to talk to him in person first about it. But he never came over yesterday. And i was out today. In the summer we usually hung out everyday. He was being weird. I got a call from my dad so i walked to the corner of the room to get some better service. 

"Hey dad how are you?" I asked.

"Good. How was the concert?" He asked me.

"Oh my gosh it was amazing. We were so close and Niall actually touched my hand. I almost fainted. I couldn't believe we were so close. I never imagined we would be. Oh and i got so many great pictures to!" I was almost screaming into the phone.

"Thats great I'm happy you got the tickets."

"So what are you doing?"

"Well I'm actually packing. I have to go out of town for a few weeks on buisness."

I hated when my dad left because i was home alone. At least it was summer and i can have winter and Tarasca over.  "When are you leaving?"

"In about an hour I'm gonna head for the airport. I put 500 on your card for groceries. Tell me if you need anything else."

"Well i really don't need it."

"No take it for emergencies."

"Okay just tell me when you get off the plane. Where exactly are you going?"


"I'm sorry dad i know you hate it there. "

"Well i uh-" just when i was about to ask where in Ohio, the door opened. And five boys came and sat down on the couches. "Actually i gotta go. Love you. Bye"

I sat down on the only spot left. It was between harry and niall. Oh my gosh we were with one direction!

"So whats your names?" Niall asked looking at us. His accent was so cute and it made me melt!

"I'm winter, this is Tarasca" winter spoke up.

"And I'm karalyn" i said.

"Winter is your real name? Wow that's so pretty." Liam said blushing. She smiled. He was almost drooling.

"Tarasca is your first name thats cool!" Louis spoke so loudly.

"Uhm no my first name is Sabrina but everybody calls me by my last name."  She looked amused by her hair. She was bored i could tell. "Lets play truth or dare!" Louis said and sat down. We all followed.

"Ill start! Niall truth or dare?" Tarasca asked.

"Dare" he answered

"I dare you to uhm act like a dog for a whole minute."

Niall walked around on his hands and knees and barked and scratched himself.

"Okay my turn. Karalyn truth or dare." He asked still laughing.  

"Dare" i said right after he asked.

"Eager! I dare you to kiss the person on your right for 45 seconds." Niall said with a smirk.

I turned to my right and it was harry. He had a big smile on his face. What the heck. I get to make out with a famous singer. I put my hand on his neck and leaned in. His lips were so soft and he was so gentle with the kiss. We ended up making out and it lasted longer than 45 seconds. Louis had to sit on harry to get us apart. we couldn't take our eyes off each other. 

"Wow, what a kiss" He said 

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