Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


6. I Miss You by Miley Cyrus

"Well if they left us, they better not come back for their stuff. I'm gonna go talk to Todd before he decides to ignore us again." I told them while i walked towards the door.

"What is going on with you two?" Winter asked me quietly. i guess she never told Tarasca about the kiss. I would tell her but she was mad at me. 

"I'll tell you when i know." i said and walked to his back door. i sneaked in and walked up to his bedroom. 

He was laying there on his bed. No shirt on, in his boxers. I wasn't used to this "look". His eyes were wide open. I got scared. I ran to his bedside and freaked out. But then i saw the rise and fall of his chest and knew it was all okay. If you were to see the look in his eyes, it would pierce your heart. They were full of hate and anger and sadness. His cheeks were tear stained. He had been crying, a lot and recently. 

"i knew you would be over here. You are always here when i need you.... except when that boy is around. It works, just like that. He is here i see you kissing him, and now that he is gone, you're here with me. Do you not see it?" He was crying now. 

It was then i saw the bottles and cans on the ground around and under his bed. He was drunk. I came a little closer and i smelt it on his breath. He saw Harry and I kissing by the creek, he came to comfort me. He tried to help me but he came to late. I needed to help him. He had a future now, and he was not in any condition to be there alone. i texted the girls. 

'gonna stay here with Todd until later. Tell me if the boys come back. Ill explain later.' i told them. 

"i'm sorry about your mom. I never told you sorry for it. i feel so bad. " he sobbed

"lets not talk about that right now. Shhh honey." I held him in my arms and sang him a song so he could sleep. I took away the knife and pills by his bed and put two crushed up aspirines into a cup of water and left. 

i walked all the way back. Past my field, past the creek, past the other houses. i walked for miles. It seemed like somebody was following me so i began running. The path began to disappear so i knew i lost them. Only someone who knew of this place would be able to find it. 

i came up to a small little house. It was me and my moms fort. We would go back here every week when i was little and talk. It was not a pretty place on the outside but the inside was beautiful. After she left me i kept this place together. It had it all. scrapbooks of her life and mine, her wedding dress and so many more memories for me. It had yellow walls and blue couches. In the second room it had a small table with a tea set. It was in the middle of the woods, miles from any home. You could only hear the chirping of birds. 

She was beautiful. She had long brown hair and the prettiest green eyes. She was my hero. Her laugh was perfect. 

'Hey where are you?' it was from Harry.

'So you guys decided to leave after all i guess.' i was mad. 

'no. we had to talk to management. to tell them that we were staying with a friend.'


I immediately got a call from him. 

"Honey are you okay? where are you? Winter went next door and they said you weren't here." 

"i'm in uhh, the city." i couldn't tell him where i was. 

"Did you walk there? ill come pick you up? where exactly are you?" he asked 

"Give me half an hour and ill be at the coffee shop." i hung up the phone quickly. i had fifteen minutes then a sprint into the city. 

I looked around at the pictures on the wall and saw her amazing family. 

Why did she have to leave me alone in this world. i cleaned up the pots and dusted everything. I locked the door and began my walk. When i finally got out of the woods, i had about two minutes left to get there. So i ran as fast as i could. She kept invading my thoughts. i began to cry and everything got blurry. i ran into the street. It was always busy here. i dodged the cars one way but forgot about the other side of the intersection and i was hit. 

Just maybe if i wasn't so scared of someone finding my hiding place, i wouldn't be seeing blood on the ground right now. Everything wouldn't have been so blurry right now. Harry was my boyfriend, he wouldn't mind that i was in the woods right? wait, was harry my boyfriends? Was that true. I mean we did things only couples would do, and he didn't leave me so i guess it is true. But why would he choose me? When i see him i will ask him.

Just then the person who ran into me got out of the car. It was a man. He was tall and i couldn't make out much more about him. He had a white skin color and brown hair on top of his head. Everything was still really blurry. But it wasn't until he spoke that i figured out his identity. 

"Love, are you okay? i'm so sorry." He sobbed in this British accent. But it still wasn't so clear to me. It wasn't until he held me in his arms, that i knew. Harry had run me over and was now taking to the hospital. Or so i thought. 

We pulled up to my door and he carried me in.

"Why aren't we at the hospital?" i stumbled out the words.

"I can't get in trouble. And it's not that bad. Only a few cut on your arms and leg." He took me to the bathroom and set me in the tub. Hopefully everything was fine. i just sat there as he washed off the blood from my body. "There good as new."

He took me downstairs and into the entertainment room where we watched movies all day long in his arms. But there was one thing i couldn't get out of my head. I couldn't feel my right leg. 

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