Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


7. Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

Karalyn's POV:


I woke up in harry's arms. My head hurt like crazy. My body was aching from the crash. I was a little scared of him after all of this. But i felt good waking up next to someone. 

"You alright to go out tonight?" He asked me after he kissed my lips. This was a little strange though. We weren't dating but he was acting like we were. I never got an official ask but maybe i was just someone for a week. That made me mad. I wanted to be his girl and nothing less. 

Once he saw the look on my face and backed off.  "What is wrong?" He asked me. 

"Well ill just tell you now. I don't go against my morals. At first this was just to make my friend mad because she took Niall from me but then i began to like you and all and i really do like you and I'm not going to act like this if were are not together." At first i was a little scared to talk to him but now it all came out. I was not going to be used. 

"Well i was going to ask you on our date tonight but-" just when he was about to finish Liam came in and sat on the bed. "Uhm i was just about to ask her something, do you mind?" He looked mad at Liam. 

"Nah man hold on." He ended up getting everyone else in the house to come into my room. This made harry very mad. I began to laugh at this and blush. Once he saw me all the anger left his body. 

"Well anyways, karalyn will you be my girlfriend?" His green eyes flickered when he said 'girlfriend'. 

"Yes!" I said a little too eager but harry responded with a kiss. The girls began to go crazy. they jumped up and down screaming but i could still hear Harry mummble to himself something. 

"Hmmm first kiss with my girlfriend." the boys began laughing and left dragging the girls with them and left the room leaving us alone in the bedroom.  "So you liked Niall at first?" He asked. He was upset by this. I'm not really sure why.

"Yeah but i don't like him, I'm really into this guy with brown curly hair and green eyes." He immediately understood what i was doing. 

"Yeah i heard he was into this one girl." He kissed me on the lips and laid back onto the bed. i felt a little uncomfortable doing this. it usually took me weeks to kiss a guy but he made everything move so fast. i was a little scared but i knew i was in control of my own body. 

i soon got out of bed and went to see if any of the food was still left in the house. just as i was opening up the fridge i got a blocked call. i answered it but it frightened me a little doing so.  "Hello?" i was scared at who could be at the other end of the call. 

"Hey its me," when i heard the deep calm voice i knew who it was. "i just wanted to let you know that i may be out a few more weeks. i see that you haven't really withdrawn any money but i put more in and you should go shopping or something. Be back soon i promise." "bye daddy" there was uncertainty in my voice i wanted to tell him what happened but i knew it would just worry him and he had work to do.     


Tarasca's POV:


in a way i felt bad for taking my best friends boy. but i knew now she was happy and she was happy that i was happy. slowly but surely i fell in love with the boy named Niall. He made me smile and laugh constantly. he had the bluest eyes. they sparkled when you got really close to him. even in dim lighting like tonight his eyes still stood out in a crowd. 

i am not really sure why he took me out because he could have gotten caught by paparazzi but still, not many stars come out here. this is a upper class neighborhood. I wanted so badly to rip off the cap he was wearing, stroking my fingers through his gorgeous blonde hair and kiss his lips softly but i knew i couldn't. he still had fans everywhere you went, i mean i was one. 

we sat facing each other, playing footsie underneath the table. he had a smile, where you couldn't help but smile even bigger back at him. All the did in between conversation was grin at me and it made me angry because i couldn't help but look like a dork in front of him. i finally had enough. 

"Stop!" i said in a kind of hushed tone but still forcefully. he immediately stopped rubbing my leg and his face went white. He looked terrified. but it wasn't my tone that scared him it was the girl standing behind me. 

"OH MY GOD! NIKKI WHAT HAPPENED!?" i was screaming now and i really didn't care if anyone heard. Her right eye was swollen shut and the red tissue that hung from her nose, i knew someone had hurt and i had an idea who it was. See Nikki had just come to our school. She had been there for like two years and would end up missing half the year because she was sick but we knew exactly what was happening. 

Her parents had gotten divorced and they had a bloody co custody battle. Her dad had a lot of money and her mother grew up with almost nothing. When her mother finally realized her husband of twenty years almost had been cheating on her with the same woman since they began dating, she began to fall apart and soon, filed for divorce. Soon after she stopped going to court and gave up because she couldn't pay for this battle. Her dad was a nice man but was too obsessed with this woman to even care. Kaitie was her name and she despised Nikki's beautiful personality and stunning body. she had the bluest eyes and the perfect curls that would skim her shoulders. The only reason she was still single was because of how hard her step-mom tried to take away her beauty. She had new cuts and bruises every time she made it to school. But still even with her home life she would come to school with her head high and a smile on her face. it was never fake at school but once she got home she tried her best to keep a smile but it was too hard. 

"Please hide me for a few weeks, i need a-a break and don't know how much longer i can last with that woman before she pushes me over the edge" she was sobbing in my lap and i knew i couldn't send her back home, i would be giving her a death sentence if i did. "Please just hid me for the rest of the summer and beginning of school and then ill find somewhere else to go." 

"You can stay with me and Winter at Karalyn's. but we have other friends over so i hope you don't mind." A huge smile formed on her face and i knew she was so happy. tears still fell from her one eye that was not swelled shut. 

"Thank you so much. I will do whatever it takes to repay you all." she hugged me and began to walk out. 

i grabbed her by the hand and smile, "No charge, were a team. We are here for each other no matter what." We kind of needed her here anyways and if she were to go to school again bruised they were going to call child services. we couldn't loose one of the best goalies we ever had!

Niall and I ended our dinner and he drove us back to the house. I texted Karalyn telling her everything and she completely agreed with my decision. Niall walked in first and all the boys greeted him down stairs, i guess Karalyn had ended her date early too. We walked in through the doors about a minute later.


His' POV:


I saw her walk through the door and knew the minute i saw this poor soul i knew she was the one who i could be her hero, unlike my last girlfriend. She was the one of my dreams even though i could only see half her face since the ice covered it. I came up took her into my arms, she immediately melted into me and began to sob. I'm not sure what it was, but i knew this was fate and we were here on this earth to save each other. 

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