Strangers. when you hear that word it sounds something really scary. but for me it was the start of something the start of my life, the start of my new beginning. And as it seemed like my future was falling apart that stranger came and picked up all the puzzle pieces and put them together for me.


4. Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows

Harry POV:


"So what are you doing tonight?" I asked karalyn. She was stunning. Everything about her just made me want her more.

It was the beginning of the show. Today felt like nothing different. I kinda wanted to go home already. I missed my family. I went out onto the stage with the the other boys. I was a little over half way through the show when i noticed a girl. A girl with beautiful blonde hair. She looked so familiar to me. I couldn't really see her face that well and couldn't stop to get a good look. I had to know her. I had to see her. Something inside me made me want need to. It took me forever to walk into the room i was so nervous. I told the boys i knew her from somewhere. I didn't want to tell them how but i ended up having to.  Niall and Louis soon dragged me into the room. I looked around for her. I saw her on the phone starring straight at us.

"I gotta go. Love you. Bye." She said. Her voice was so beautiful. I remembered talking to her years before. She was so sweet. She was the last person to treat me like a normal guy. But i couldn't have her she was somebody else's girl. I would make her mine. I whispered something to the boys. I had a plan. It was going to work, it had to.

It was so i could kiss her. I don't know how she felt but i fell in love with that kiss. It seemed as if she were a pro at it. Like she did it every day. Then i remembered she was dating someone.

"Oh just goin home. Gonna be alone great." She giggled and it made me melt. Everything she did had that effect on me.

"Well i could keep you company! We have two weeks off! Please. We don't know anybody here!" I begged her. I wanted to get her and this was the only way to do that.

"Well uhh let me ask the girls."


Karalyn's POV:


I was kinda scared. I had just met him and now he was wanting to stay at my house! He was years older than any guy i would talk to. I grabbed winter and pulled her aside.

"They want to stay at my house for a few weeks. What do i do? I'm freaking out and not in a good way." Winter could tell i was scared. "What if he tries to do something to me? What will Todd say?! Will my dad find out? I don't know what to do." I collapsed on the floor almost crying.

"Chill. If they do try anything. Then we can kick their butt and why all of a sudden do you care what Todd thinks? What is going on between you two. I read your texts. Are you guys getting back together? What are you hiding from me?"

"Well i don't know about getting back together but we kissed." Just when i finished my sentence, harry came over and put his arm around my shoulder.

"So what will it be?" His curls made me melt. I had gone from a love for Niall to liking harry. What am i talking about. I would never get harry. I don't even know why Todd wanted me, he had the most beautiful girls wanting him. Harry had millions of girls wanting him.

"Its a yes!" Winter said smiling at me.  Harry hugged me and went over to the other boys. I rolled my eyes at her. She gave Liam a piece of paper that i guess had my address on it.  We left the arena and winter followed the boys car back to their hotel. Then she got a call.

"Hey.... yeah were out front.....just follow us..... Yeah she is" she looked at me then continued with her conversation, "alright see you out here… bye!" She finally ended the call.

"I'm so excited." Tarasca rolled her eyes at me. She was mad.

"Why are you mad at me?" I asked her.

"You kissed harry! He is mine! Well I'm just gonna take Niall from you. And you'll see how you like that!" She hissed at me. We never acted like this. I was sad that she was gonna do that to me. I just glared at her and turned back around.

"Hey guys! Well Niall said he was gonna go with you so he can make sure we don't get lost." Liam came over and told winter in the drive seat window.

"Alright. Lets get going!" She said and started the engine. Liam ran back to the car. Niall hopped into the back seat with Tarasca, great.  The whole car ride she flirted with him  to try and make me mad. I was mad. Wait what was i doing? I had harry and.… and nothing. I had always wanted Niall. I should be happy with harry! Wait i wasn't even with harry. When i looked back at them in the backseat i saw them making out. I quickly turned around before they knew i was looking at them. I was getting her back for this. And i knew what i could do.

When we got back to my house, winter pulled my car into the garage and the boys parked behind us. I went the boys car. Harry was in the passenger seat.

"Wow, your house is huge!" Harry side his eyes so wide.

"Not really." I said laughing.

"Its the biggest in the area." He said.  I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the door. He almost dropped the duffle in his hand but he grabbed it tighter. I opened my front door. He spun around while he looked at the high ceilings. I grabbed his hand again and took him up the stair case.

"What does your dad even do.?" He asked me. I could hear the others coming in and stood downstairs. 

"So you are gonna stay in my room. I can make up another bed for you." I opened my bedroom and guess who was laying on my bed playing an old gameboy. Todd...

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