Not normal

Just me righting a little story and if I do decide to finish it well that will be in a year cause I'm very busy


1. Penguins and Candycanes

Trinity's P.O.V

Ugh I just got back from being gone for a year from London, I was in America in the state of umm.... Ohio.  And I had just gotten back to my childish room from before fairys and rainbows uck I didn't know how I got to that faze now i feel like penguins and candycanes , cause I love candycane and my nickname is penguin. Mom I yell "Yes!" She answer "Momma can we change my room?" "Uhh honey i don't know we are low on money but ill see!" "Ok thanks for answering!" We said to each other for differnt parts of the house.

I decided to go to the mall. I drove my my dads old mustang which was mine now since he walked out on us. I get there i decide to go into this place that has good hair products , and what do I see the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!! 

Authors note:

 do you guys like if you do comment please and if ya dont tell me to stop rightin this story if I get more keep righting the story then stop righting i will right more but if I get more stop i will stop I want continue till I get a couple comments  

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