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Having that feeling of being so close to someone but yet so far. When everything must be a "secret" but not knowing the truth when it feels as though it's in the grasp of hand. But yet so far away. This book is about a girl named çarter šmith and when she has a unforgettable journey with someone who she knows will never actually be "exposed" with but yet when she's with Ñiall H. She feels as though she is touching the sky.


3. The big question????

Nialls POV:

(talking to harry)

"Dude should I ask Carter to the dance?" said niall.

"Yeah if you dont I will!" said harry

"I mean REALLY, should I?" 

"gosh yes just to it in a hot kinda way so your not all acting like a stupid 5 year old" 

"you know what, at least im not all perverted and trashy like you im classy and formal first i will ask her

father but im not going to be 'hot' thats just juvinale...."

"ha ha ha then good luck." said harry.

3 days later......

"hey carter can I ask you a question?"


"will you go to prom with me?"

"sure, pick me up at 7"    As soon as Carter said that she kinda ran away. So now i keep thinking to myself did i do it wrong maybe harry was right i should have been more hot in all but i guess all is fine at least she said yes. I knew that this would be amazing and well I had to say i had made plans we would go get dinner and then we would head over to the dance.


Carters POV:

"OH MY GOSH!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I JUST GOT ASKED TO PROM BY THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!" yeah right i think it was a dream and im over annalizing it but you know ill just go with it! 









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