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Having that feeling of being so close to someone but yet so far. When everything must be a "secret" but not knowing the truth when it feels as though it's in the grasp of hand. But yet so far away. This book is about a girl named çarter šmith and when she has a unforgettable journey with someone who she knows will never actually be "exposed" with but yet when she's with Ñiall H. She feels as though she is touching the sky.


4. prom prep.

Carters POV:

I have the most perfect dress, it is royal blue and strapless short and kinda a pencil dress but im not into the whole flowey dress thing i like something more tight fitting. I  also got some white stoletoes to wear with it, my long brown hair im just going to wear down and put it in a waterfall braid.

Tonight Im going out to the mall to get some last minute prom stuff and then to get my nails done in a french manacure my mom insists I wear my hair up but i dont think i will i perfer it down for such an occasion.....

"CARTER! i need you to clean your room before we even think about going to do prom stuff!" (figures she would say that i can feel it coming she will tell me how much she thinks i need to be safe at the prom and that i cant let anything happen to myself)

okay mom im on it, i shoved a ton of stuff under my bed to make it look like i had done more and scurryed along out of my room.

the next day...

♣the day of prom♣

It was finally here i had been looking forward for this day for i dont know how long. and it was here! I will be getting prepared all day until 7 when niall comes to pick me up.


Nialls POV:

his plans for the day:

•sleep til 12

•eat 12-1

•play basketball 1-3

•singing practice 3-5

•get ready 5-6

•be ready to leave house by 7 

i was all ready for this day to come and it was almost here i was ready for prom and couldnt wait.

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