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Having that feeling of being so close to someone but yet so far. When everything must be a "secret" but not knowing the truth when it feels as though it's in the grasp of hand. But yet so far away. This book is about a girl named çarter šmith and when she has a unforgettable journey with someone who she knows will never actually be "exposed" with but yet when she's with Ñiall H. She feels as though she is touching the sky.


2. How it all began....

Carter's POV:


Gosh what should I wear today I thought as I looked through my closet. Completely thinking of Ñiall but he

(this is gonna sound creepy) anyways I feel like he's the one who keeps me moving keeps me going and

not worrying constantly. Anyways I guess I'll go with some jeans,converse,and a Hollister t shirt. Its not that

i care really how i look but its sometimes hard to feel good enough. but whatever. I drive a light blue jeep

since i'm only 16 i have not had my license for very long. i threw my backpack in the trunk and

headed to school my hair was all flowing in the wind since it was very windy because just the night before it

had thunder stormed. I got to school and to my first and favorite class of the day (sounds dorky 

but its history) my teacher for this class is Mr. ted-gram. I sat down, unzipping my purse to get a pencil i 

suddenly felt a warm whisper in my ear....

"Good Morning beautiful, seeing your face just made my day ten times better." said niall 

I laughed, "your hilarious." like that's true. i said

"its because it it!" said niall

"yeah right".... i said. With a smirk he sat down.


Niall's POV:

Ugh, she was so  pretty today as she always was but her  smile was the little star  that  i don't know i

think well i feel as though she inspires me shes not really "popular" but shes not all stuck up and rude why be with someone who will eventually stab you in the back"


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