Don't Act Suprised

There were five teenage girls who were spending their lives to the fullest and they didn't care what people thought about them. Except one day it all changed. The five girls were casually doing a normal everyday routine but, five guys changed it. They met at a festival/cheer competition/basketball competition. A guy named Lucas was changing Casmere, one of the girls, and that's were it all changed. Will Casmere change Lucas' behavior? Will there be drama? Are their friends relationships going to last? I don't know you have to read it from my fanfics xD


2. Such a Tiring Day

Casmere's P.O.V

~Next Day~

"Ughhhh, Do we really need to rehearse for the whole day!?!" complained Ashlee.

"Sorry I had no chance of saying no, so don't blame me." I said

*Bell Rings* Well great just great I ruined my friends plans on searching for their crushes. Oh well, whatever i know they won't be mad for me for that long. We were all walking to the gym and we found Mr.E near the stage. He gave everyone excuse slips so we could come to the gym for rehearsal. I literally was sorry but i didn't want to disappoint those people and embarrass them if they messed up on wherever we were going to perform. I was so curious where we were going to perform but Mr.E wont tell us. I guess I'll find out today since we have to be ready today. 

*2nd period bell rings*

"Mrs.Horny is soooo annoying im soo happy that we don't have to be in her 2nd period class with her!" exclaimed Serena with happiness.

"Mrs. Horn, lol but yah she is sooooo annoying!!" said Marleen.

I ignored them because I wanted to get this thing over with but, they were like come here lets take a pic. My friends are weird because they are like Instagram/Tumblr girls. They love to take pictures so I said sure. We all looked cute today so we took a bunch. We were done doing what we needed to so and we went back to go rehearse. We didn't even eat lunch. We kept singing: "Not Over You" by Gavin Degraw, "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars, "Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera, "I Wish" by One DIrection, "Stay" by Rihanna,and "Put Your Hearts Up" by Ariana Grande. School finally ended at 1:50 but, we were still in rehearsal till 3:00. I went straight home and went right to go take a shower. After, I went to go eat and went to call my  mom to call Cleo's mom to pick me up and drop me off for the performance. Then i went straight to bed to take a 10 minute nap before 4:45 since the performance starts at that time.


Cleo's P.O.V

My mom received an e-mail from Mr.E and it said:

Dear Mrs.Macavinta,

I have arranged the location that we are performing at is at the Haynes High School. I would like to have Cleo to be there by 3:30 sharp. Thank you for your convenience 


Mr. Eisanmann 

I read the e-mail and it was already 3:15 so, I told my mom to get ready as fast as she can because it takes us a few minutes to get there. I was curious about Casmere because she would usually ask me about her outfit and she would tell me she would be ready but im guessing she didn't get the e-mail. Then, I went to get my phone and I texted her saying

"Are you ready?"

"helllooooooo are  yo going to answer me?"

"Well then don't answer >:( "

"Just to let you know just in case you dont know we are suppose to go to Haynes High School for the performance at 3:30 ^_^ ok well im going there now byeeee xxx"

She wasn't answering my text messages so I called her phone 10 times, called her house phone 5 times but still she hasn't answered. I was getting worried but I know she would be there.

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