Don't Act Suprised

There were five teenage girls who were spending their lives to the fullest and they didn't care what people thought about them. Except one day it all changed. The five girls were casually doing a normal everyday routine but, five guys changed it. They met at a festival/cheer competition/basketball competition. A guy named Lucas was changing Casmere, one of the girls, and that's were it all changed. Will Casmere change Lucas' behavior? Will there be drama? Are their friends relationships going to last? I don't know you have to read it from my fanfics xD


1. Horrible Day


Casmere's  P.O.V

So we had rehearsal for  my music teacher, Mr.Eisenmann, (Mr.E for short) and it was after school it was Cleo, me, Serena, Marleen, Ashlee, and a bunch of other people. We were all tired because we rehearsed 5 hours non stop and we had to be ready by the next day because we had to perform for like some place and so we were doing ok. We were all tired but, yah.... and so I was bored because we couldn't talk so,  I went to the back of the room or in the corner or whatever but then Mr.E looked worried and he asked the people that was at the back where  I was and hes all like do you guys think we should practice tomorrow during school for the whole day and I was quiet but remember Cleo, Serena,Marleen, and Ashlee were at the front so, they didn't know anything. I was at the back so i kept quiet but there's this girl and she's like, "I  think so because we are kind of messing up." A boy just said "yah" we definitely should and there were 3 other people that said "yes we should" and Mr.E asked me and hes like what do you think and I looked at our rehearsal and it was kind of messy and I was like yes....

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