Anything but typical

So most not all but most fan fictions are about a girl being abused then a member Of One Direction coming to the rescue And i will say i even wrote a fan fiction similar to this. This book is going to be so different from the normal it might be scary hold tight while i introduce Anything But Typical. Katie being a fan Of 1D not a Directioner but just a fan she didnt know everything about them but she liked their music.While as her best friend sofia is the biggest Directioner the planet may have ever seen.What will happen when Zayn falls for her but she doesnt feel the same? Will she lose her best friend? Will she ever be able to show her face at school while Zayn tells all about his dying love for her.


18. Zoo


hey there! so iknow its not a weekend but i have to update now because I have a huge horse show this weekend so its now or never. remember this is three years later Katie has had her baby, Parker who is about two years old. ok is everything ok? lol thanks for reading!!!! i love you my little chickadees!!


“Mommy!” I heard someone call my new name. The only one that would call me that is my little girl Parker. I walked into her pink room and saw her in her crib wide awake. “Hey baby” I called to her. “Mommy” she looked at me “out!” I picked her up and took her out of the crib she hated so much.


“What do you want to do today princess?” I asked her. “Umm ZOO! With aunt kenzie!!”  “Haha alright lets get you ready” saying that I took her into the bathroom. I started to bath making sure the water was just right not to hot or cold. I took off her PJs and set her in the tub and stood close on my knees. I put in all of her bath toys which were a lot. As she played I washed her light brown hair. “All done” I said while clapping my hands. I pulled her out and wrapped her in a towel. I carried her into her room and set her down still in the towel in her crib. She of course whined about it but quieted down once I asked her to.


I went to her closet and pulled out her “I LOVE MY AUNTIE” shirt that Kenzie got her. The shirt was purple so I matched it with white leggings and her UGGS. Yes I bought my 2 year old UGGS the were so cute I had to. I walked back to Parker and got her dressed and combed her hair which was curly like mine. Honestly she looked almost exactly like me same hair everything. It was like I had my own little Mini me.


“Alright sweetie you are done go find Aunt Kenzie to get you some breakfast” I told her “ok momma”. She walked down the hallway into the kitchen and I heard Kenzie ask her what she wanted to eat so I went to go get myself a shower. I undressed and got into the hot water. The feeling instantly woke me up. I did my thing and got out. I went into my room and into my closet. I put on some super tight skinny jeans and paired it with an oversized hoodie and pulled on my black uggs that matched Parker’s.


I walked out to the kitchen to see pancakes on the table and Parker in her highchair eating one. I grabbed a plate and two pancakes. I drowned them in syrup and chowed down. When we were all done I asked kenzie if she wanted to tag along with us to the zoo. She of course said yes.


I walked Parker out to my car and put her in the backseat and strapped her into her car seat. I got into the front and turned on the radio. Parker loved when I sang so I always did. I sang and drove with kenzie singing along beside me and Parker in the back laughing. I pulled into the parking lot and took out the huge stroller from the trunk of my car. I put Parker in it and asked her what she wanted to see first of course it was the monkeys her favorite.


Zayn POV****



We were back in the states its been awhile since we have been back and I had some people I needed to see…. Katie mostly.  I haven’t had time to call or text her but I still want to see her. The boys decided today we would go to the zoo. As we arrived I was pretty excited to go see my favorite animal…. The monkeys. The boys said that was fine and we were off. When we got there i saw this super pretty girl pushing a stroller with the cutest little girl i have ever seen. Wait she looks like Ktie but why is there a stroller?


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