Anything but typical

So most not all but most fan fictions are about a girl being abused then a member Of One Direction coming to the rescue And i will say i even wrote a fan fiction similar to this. This book is going to be so different from the normal it might be scary hold tight while i introduce Anything But Typical. Katie being a fan Of 1D not a Directioner but just a fan she didnt know everything about them but she liked their music.While as her best friend sofia is the biggest Directioner the planet may have ever seen.What will happen when Zayn falls for her but she doesnt feel the same? Will she lose her best friend? Will she ever be able to show her face at school while Zayn tells all about his dying love for her.


4. My turn

Katie's pov** 

after Kenzie's mom dropped me off. I walked up to my house tiredly well at least Kenzie will look good. I walked up to my room and straight into the shower. I never wanted to come out but I had to go. I walked into my closet and slipped on some black skinny jeans and a white tank top then put my teal see though shirt over top and added my white lace toms. I dried and curled my hair like yesterday day. For makeup I just put like mascara to my long black eyelashes. I never really liked makeup it irritates my eyes. So I keep it limited. I was done.

i walked downstairs to see Kenzie sitting on the couch me and Kenzie were so close we each had keys to each others house just in case. My parents had left on some sort of trip. I didn't really care they do this all the time. Well they had the money so why not. 

"Ready my dear?" Kenzie asked

"sure am!" I was trying to act super happy for her but really I was just happy nothing more. Kenzie was jumping out if her seat and the car ride there was silent but not in a bad way. It actually felt nice. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes we were there. I hopped out of the car and we went to this special part for backstage passes. We were going to see the boys before and after the show. 

Tis guy lead us to a room where the boy were. We walked in and the boys were playing on the Xbox. 

"Hey" I said casually my parent paid for this they were going to talk to at least Kenzie. 

The dark skinned one turned around. "Oh hey sorry didn't hear you walk in" he said

"sure" I was here for Kenzie. Not to talk. I looked over at kenz and she was just standing there in shock. "Kenz honey breathe ok talk"

 the boys were snickering but not in a bad way like a cute way. 

"I I love you you guys so.... So much" she finally talked. 

"Thanks love" Harry said

"so what are we going to do just talk" I asked

" we'll what your name?" The one they called Zayn asked. 

"Ok my name is Katie"


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