Anything but typical

So most not all but most fan fictions are about a girl being abused then a member Of One Direction coming to the rescue And i will say i even wrote a fan fiction similar to this. This book is going to be so different from the normal it might be scary hold tight while i introduce Anything But Typical. Katie being a fan Of 1D not a Directioner but just a fan she didnt know everything about them but she liked their music.While as her best friend sofia is the biggest Directioner the planet may have ever seen.What will happen when Zayn falls for her but she doesnt feel the same? Will she lose her best friend? Will she ever be able to show her face at school while Zayn tells all about his dying love for her.


16. Clubs and losing it



ok so that picture was what Katie looks like and what she wears to the club

Katies POV**

kenzie took my hand and led me into the booming club. The music was making me stomach jump. At first I was quiet and just stood there. Then I thought fuck it I'm done with this. I grabbed kenz and we got some shots I swallowed it fast and felt it burn down my throat. I was done I let go and just had fun. Me and kenz went and danced I soon had a guy grinding on me. Screw it I'm done right. He pulled me off the dance floor I was so drunk anything that happened wasn't really me. 

I woke up in my bed. I sat up I felt a severe pain in my lower region. "Oh Shit!" I screamed. I'm not a virgin I lost that last night. To a random guy. I ran to the bathroom and puked great hangover. Kenzie was downstairs and I woke her up. 

"Kenz go to the drugstore get me a pregnancy test now"

she sat up "Kat how can you be pregnant you are a virgin"

"not anymore"

"you lost it to that jerk?!?" She didn't say anything more and she didn't need to she ran outside to my car and went to the drugstore.

15 minutes later she walked in. I had all  ready puked three more times. She handed me the test I went into the bathroom and toke the test. 

"Kenz" I called she came running in "look at it for me" 




dun dun duhhh cliffhanger haha sorry! Thanks for reading! I love you my little chickadees! 

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