Anything but typical

So most not all but most fan fictions are about a girl being abused then a member Of One Direction coming to the rescue And i will say i even wrote a fan fiction similar to this. This book is going to be so different from the normal it might be scary hold tight while i introduce Anything But Typical. Katie being a fan Of 1D not a Directioner but just a fan she didnt know everything about them but she liked their music.While as her best friend sofia is the biggest Directioner the planet may have ever seen.What will happen when Zayn falls for her but she doesnt feel the same? Will she lose her best friend? Will she ever be able to show her face at school while Zayn tells all about his dying love for her.


15. Bye Zayn

I woke up next to Zayn. His arms holding me close to his chest. I shocked him awake.

"hey hey Zayn wake up" 

"hmmm go back to sleep" he said in his morning voice

"no I have to get up we have to get up" I told him looking straight into those beautiful big brown eyes

"alright baby I'm up" he said letting me go and sitting up before looking at me as if getting permission to call me baby. Me not saying anything told him it was fine. 

"Hey Katie I have to tell you something" he told me taking my hands in his and rubbing his thumb on them

"uhh I have to leave on tour tomorrow...... And you can't come" hurt fished through me but why we weren't dating or together it shouldn't bother me but it did. 

"Oh ok it is your job and I can't take you away from that"

his surprised face told me that he expected me to be upset but I hid mine under a poker face he couldn't. I could see his hurt now all over his perfect face. 

"Ok well umm Kenzie isn't going either so"

good kenz is staying. Zayn drove me home and gave me a kiss on my cheek. He told me he would text me but that was a lie when would he find time. I went into my room and cried myself back into sleep. When I woke I heard someone downstairs I already knew it was kenz so I walked downstairs. "Hey" I said upset "get dressed we are going to this new club" I needed a pick me up so I ran upstairs 

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