Harrys soul mate and Zayns bad girl?

What happens when Gabriella and her best friend Sydney go to london on a senior school trip?but they are the only ones going because they were filthy rich...and i know what youre thinking "they are probally snots!!!" actually they are the excat oppisite! who know maybe they will find love, get hurt, or things might turn out great...will they? read the story to go on the exciting love story of sydney and gabby oh did i mention that they might find love with two of the most famous people on earth? will the other band members get jelous?
very storng word and sexual parts through out book!
thank you!


5. The fair

Sydney's pov

I grabbed zayns arm and we went on several scary rides and then we got cotton candy and went on the Ferris wheel " I love you Sydney " zayn whispers In my ear " I love you too "

we ran to the car while fans followed us and screamed I laughed at zayns girly scream 

Zayns pov

We went to an ice cream shop called scoops it was delicious but  the waitress came over with some water for me then came over and "spilled" water on Sydney I was mad but it isn't right to disrespect a woman then Sydney did what I thought she wouldn't ever do she tookher ice cream and shoved it in the waitresses hair grabbed my arm and walked out being extermly pissed "Syd you okay" " no I'm pissed she got what she deserved " I noticed she was  shivering an do fave her my jacket and she gave it back " you can stay at my place tonight since its closer and you ca borrow some of my clothes and ill wash these ones" I slapped her butt and she laughed and then slappe mine wee were almost on the ground laughing when  we got to my house I unlocked the door and picked Sydney up bridal style " ZAYN PUT ME DOWN!!!!!" She shrieked I placed her on the couch and started kissing her I have her a small hicky and she lightly  punched my arm "bad Bradford bad boy" I laughed at her remark and have her a shirt and some of my loose basketball shorts  and when she was done changing I placed her on the bed and she wrapped her legs around y waist and we sat there making out for a half hour and then went to bed " goodnight love" " goodnight zaynie" and we were asleep 






sorry it took me a bagillion years to update lol hope you like the chapter again  I'm extermly sorry and I want to mark down some ideas so if you have any the comments below plese bye and again I'm so sorry

~Sydney <3

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