Harrys soul mate and Zayns bad girl?

What happens when Gabriella and her best friend Sydney go to london on a senior school trip?but they are the only ones going because they were filthy rich...and i know what youre thinking "they are probally snots!!!" actually they are the excat oppisite! who know maybe they will find love, get hurt, or things might turn out great...will they? read the story to go on the exciting love story of sydney and gabby oh did i mention that they might find love with two of the most famous people on earth? will the other band members get jelous?
very storng word and sexual parts through out book!
thank you!


4. past shouldn't mix with present

Sydney's pov

We all walked out and zayn  said I think your beautiful I looked at him In awe no one ever calls me beautiful   " zayn don't waste your time on me I'm a worthless peice of shit like everyone thinks and ill ruin your reputation " he looke at me almost about to cry I didn't even mean to say that  but it was only what've was holding Inside and zayn just walked away I didn't think he meant to say this either but he said " well if your a peice of shit then  why are you like you are " " zayn it's not me it's my past I didn't even mean to say that it was how I felt I didn't mean to it was just what everyone calls me I'm not perfect I never have been but if I ruin your reputation I'm sorry " he kissed me out of the blue but I felt sparks and explosions all over the place  


zayns pov

me and Sydney walked to the fair hand in hand I picked her up and twirled her around while she laughed  she pointed to a ride called the zipper we went on she was laughing while I was screaming it was really scary when I got off I was really dizzy. 



A/ N sorry for the short chapter this is just a filler so we don't keep you waiting to long

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