Harrys soul mate and Zayns bad girl?

What happens when Gabriella and her best friend Sydney go to london on a senior school trip?but they are the only ones going because they were filthy rich...and i know what youre thinking "they are probally snots!!!" actually they are the excat oppisite! who know maybe they will find love, get hurt, or things might turn out great...will they? read the story to go on the exciting love story of sydney and gabby oh did i mention that they might find love with two of the most famous people on earth? will the other band members get jelous?
very storng word and sexual parts through out book!
thank you!


3. Meeting 2/5 of the band

Gabbys pov

i thought. I saw Simon Cowell but oh well me and Sydney walked to Starbucks and sat down " your a really good guitar player "thanks" she sang a bit of a song and stopped and pointed at two cute boys walking towards us not even thinking about it she asked " do I look okay" I was shocked sure she wore Osiris sneakers jeans and no pink or purple but really a milestone here " you look fine " then Sydney looked at the two boys and whisper yelled to me " OH MY NANDOS! IT'S HARRY STYLES AND ZAYN MALIK !!!!!!" I just noticed and it was our two favorites and almost passed out when Harry said " can we sit with you two loves"we played it cool and said "of course...so what are your guys' names?" i asked trying to sound like they were just average people. harry smiled and said "OH MY NANDOS! IT'S HARRY STYLES AND ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!.......does that ring a bell?" my and syd blushed and said "ummmmm....you heard that?" zayn chuckled and said "yeppp!" popping the 'p'. then we talked for a LOT longer but the whole time zayn we givving sydney goggley eyes. and harry kept staring at me. Did i look weird? was i fat or ugly? i texed sydney:

G: hey ummm do i lool ugly or fat or something?


G: because harry keeps staring at me and i just wanted to know if i looked bad or something?

S: are you stupid....he likes you dumbass!!! ;) lol

i didnt answer because i heard sydney start talking and said "harry will you stop staring at gabriella she thinks that youre staring at her because you think shes ugly or fat!" i looked down at my lap and my face was tomato red! harry looked at me and grabbed my hand "i was staring at you because youre beautiful and i want you to be mine!" he smiled nervously and i looked up i was going to say something but then zayn said "but not as stunning as sydney!!!" i laughed and she blushed and i said "awwwwww is wittle sydney shy because she loves zayn soooo much!" and i pinched her cheeks and she said "says the one who kisses all 437 posters of harry goodnight E.V.E.R.Y.N.I.G.H.T.!!!" i punched her arm and she just smirked. i felt so embarassed i couldnt take it i started crying and i ran to the bathroom and locked my self in a stall. i heard somebody walk in it was sydney. "gabby im so sorry i didnt mean to embararess you i just-" i cut her off by coming out if the stall and hugged her and said "its okay" and smiled weakly. we walked out and i didnt even want to face harry. right when we got out of the bathroom i felt two strong arms around me and say "please dont cry...it hurts me to see you cry! but i gotta say you still look damn attractive when you cry!" i laughed a little bit and i heard singing in my ears "your so pretty when you cry, when you cry!" i looked up and i was shocked by a pair of the softest lips ive ever felt in my life! oh my god. harry fricking styles was kissing me! of corse i kissed back i a felt not sparkes but fireworks! and you know when people say 'i got butterflies in my stomach' well i think the whole frickin zoo just exploded in my stomach!!! we pulled away and we were both smiling like crazy. he asked me "did you feel that?" "feel what hazza?" he said "those-those fireworks!?!?!?!" i smiled and said "i think the 4th of july just went off!" he smiiled his huge cheeky grin when i heard a ahh-hemm. we turned to see a smiling zayn and sydney and sydney said "just ask the damn girl out already!" harry chuckled and said "Gabriella will you be mine and only mine? because i know that ive only known you for like 2 and a half hours now but i can already tell that we are gonna grow old together surrounded by our kids and grandchildren and we will be happily married. we will be that couple everybody envies because they wish they had our relationship. so will you be mine?" i was shocked and i single tear streamed down my face because that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. "yes i will be yours you cat loving, hair flippin, dimpled boy!" he smiled and kissed me! this is the best trip ever!

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