Harrys soul mate and Zayns bad girl?

What happens when Gabriella and her best friend Sydney go to london on a senior school trip?but they are the only ones going because they were filthy rich...and i know what youre thinking "they are probally snots!!!" actually they are the excat oppisite! who know maybe they will find love, get hurt, or things might turn out great...will they? read the story to go on the exciting love story of sydney and gabby oh did i mention that they might find love with two of the most famous people on earth? will the other band members get jelous?
very storng word and sexual parts through out book!
thank you!


2. Gabby and Sydney go to London

Gabbys pov

" Gabby get your ass up NOW!!!!!!" " noooo I don't want too" get up now Gabriella or else"of else what " or else ill pour water on you " nope not getting. Up " I heard Sydney run down stairs this couldn't be god so I fell backs asleep then " ahhhhhhh" " Sydney poured ice all over me " what can't deal with a little ice " she laughed. "ughhhhhhhhhhh" i love that girl to death but sometimes i just wanna tackle her!!! "now get your lazy ass up out of bed our flight leaves in 2 and a half hours!" i finally got up after 10 minutes of attempting to drag me out of bed.  i got my suitcases and ran downstairs and she rushed me into the car. we got in the car and automaticly i turned the radio on. kiss you by one direction started playing i turned it up REALLY loud and let the top of the convertable down and started screaming the lyrics. "AND LET ME KISS YOUUUUUU!!!!!" and the song ended and sydney turned it down and said "are you excited about gong to london?" i shook my head yes "DUHHHHHH!!!" she laughed. we pulled up to a red light and some boys about our age were whistling and saying stuff llike "id tap that" and "damn girl!" we and syd shot them death glares but they continued talking so i finally said "why dont you and your little smart ass friend go find a prositute and pay her $5 for a blowjob because we sure as hell arent going to!!!" me and sydney started laghing like crazy! they looked at us then thank god that the light turned green. we drove away and finally stopped laughing. we got to the airport about 15 minutes later. we went through security and finally made it to our terminal. it was time to board and we got on we looked for or 1st class seats. we were right next to eachother with nobody around us. Yes!!! me and stdney feel asleep instantly.

*plane is about to land in 10 minutes*

"ladies and gentlemen please fasten you seat belts we will be landing in approximently 10 minutes. thank you." i woke up and sydney was still sound asleep. i woke her up and we got off the plane. we got our luggage and went to find our hotel. we were staying in the heart of london, england. we got to our hotel and checked in. we were at the very top floor. we put ur luggage away and i was bored as hell so i wanted to go shopping so i jumped on sydneys back and said "c'mon lets go shopping!!!" she nodded and to my suprise she carried me all the way down to the lobby into the street, i hopped off so she could walk normally. we were walking and somebody slapped sydneys ass the hell" he just looked at me, smirked, and walked away! JERK! we continued walking when i saw a random gutair sitting on the street...it said play me. ehhh why not? i picked it up and started playing little things by one direction sydney just stood there and smiled and soon there was a crowd of people and by the end of the song everybody was clapping even somebody that looked oddly fimilar...is that simon cowell???

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