Love and blood

This is a Finn and Jake Fanfiction. This story is about Finn and Fionna and how their romance started. They soon become together until the lich comes and tries to rip them apart. What will happen if the Lich takes Fionna from Finn and tries to take her soul for the lich to be come powerful and capture all the souls of the people in Ooo? Will Finn make it and save Fionna and Ooo or will the lich take over?
Its a story of romance, violence and decisions that will be difficult to choose from. A fight for love that might drive them to fight to the death.


3. We can do it together

" I cannot believe them!" shouted Jake. " they should be thankful you helped them, but did they thank you, no! They didn't and the cat tried to kill me. She even attacked you!" Finn pulled out a bottle of medicine and some bandages. " Well, maybe because she thought that I was gonna attack the girl." " Well she should have waited for an answer first!" " Look jake, maybe, well...because she was trying to protect her. " " Well, she's being too over protective man!" " Then, because your a dog?" Jake glared at him, " What are you talking about?!" Finn sighed. " Look at yourself at the mirror man," " ok. I will! Just to prove that your wrong." jake went to the mirror. " see i told that-" then he realized that he was a dog. "oh." "Dude i think maybe we should find them, and let them stay in the treehouse for a while." Jake turned around immediately. " WHAT! No way man! That cat gave me a reason to NEVER let them stay here. We should trust them too! Besides she said they can find their own place to stay." Finn sighed and looked out the window. " Yeah, but imagine how hard it could be to find a place to stay in Ooo. " Finn imagined all the dangers that could possibly happen to them, especially to the girl. Fionna? Is that her name? Anyway he didnt want her to get hurt. But he had an idea. When jake goes to bed, he'll sneak out and search for the girls. So later. That night, when jake went to bed. Finn sneaked out of bed. " I better search for them fast, who knows what had happened to them. " he drew out his sword. The sword was pure red. The bottom of the sword has a dragon's tooth attached to it. The handle in the shaped of a cross. It was 4 feet long and it was made out od demon's blood. It was his family's sword his dad gave it to him before he died. It was his prized possesion. So Finn traveled in search for them. He traveled until sunrise the next day.
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