Love and blood

This is a Finn and Jake Fanfiction. This story is about Finn and Fionna and how their romance started. They soon become together until the lich comes and tries to rip them apart. What will happen if the Lich takes Fionna from Finn and tries to take her soul for the lich to be come powerful and capture all the souls of the people in Ooo? Will Finn make it and save Fionna and Ooo or will the lich take over?
Its a story of romance, violence and decisions that will be difficult to choose from. A fight for love that might drive them to fight to the death.


4. The Lich returns

Somewhere far away in an abandoned mine was a dark pit. Inside a pit a monster was beginning to rise, seeking revenge to Finn the human, the one who defeated him and threw him into the pit. Slowly he climbed out. He was a gigantic monster with a black robe, skeletal arms, his face is a skull and ram horns on his head. One horn broken off by billy, the previous hero who also defeated him with the gauntlet of light. He stood up and said. " Free. I AM FREE!" he summoned his power and broke a hole to the mine's ceiling. He flew out and went straight to Ooo, until he realized that he beggining to weaken he landed slowly to the ground. He was losing his power. " No!" He shouted. " I cannot destroy that human if i am weak! I must find a soul of hero from a different kingdom! But the only hero here is the human boy. Billy is already dead. Who else is a hero from a different place! " he summoned a little of his power to create a holographic screen. " Show me a hero from a different kingdom now!" the screen showed a human girl with a bunny hat with a cat. They were walking to the candy kingdom. " Ah, yes there is another hero. Perfect! I'll just find a perfect time to take her soul. Once i get it, i'll have my power back and defeat the boy and take all the souls in the land of Ooo!" He rised and flew to Ooo, ready for revenge.
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