Love and blood

This is a Finn and Jake Fanfiction. This story is about Finn and Fionna and how their romance started. They soon become together until the lich comes and tries to rip them apart. What will happen if the Lich takes Fionna from Finn and tries to take her soul for the lich to be come powerful and capture all the souls of the people in Ooo? Will Finn make it and save Fionna and Ooo or will the lich take over?
Its a story of romance, violence and decisions that will be difficult to choose from. A fight for love that might drive them to fight to the death.


2. Don't trust them


As the two animals crashed into each other, cake sunk her claws into jake's chest, he howled in pain, the claws cut deep into his body, blood fell out. But he couldn't lose, he sank his fangs into cake's neck, the cat meowed in agony. They both fell to the ground. Cake covered the wound with her paw but blood still kept pouring out. " Fionna," Cake moaned." Why should you trust them? Look what that boy's dog has done to me!" Fionna had tears in her eyes. " But Cake, they really are good guys, The boy found us and took care of us, he didn't hurt me. I listened but you didn't. You never gave him a chance to explain. I'll lose his trust." Jake clutched his chest, he looked at Finn, " Finn, why did you let them in our treehouse? You know you can't trust them. The girl's cat tried to kill me!" Finn expression was despair. " I thought that maybe we could trust them, they fell out of a black  hole and i decided to help them, and i trusted them. They couldn't do anything to betray us." Jake slowly stood up, " They fell out of a black hole?" Finn answered. " yes, they fell out of a black hole." " then, why did the cat attack you when you're trying to help them?" jake asked. " Don't know." then, Finn turned to Fionna who was kneeling infront of Cake. Cake stood up and glared at Finn and Jake. " Even if he saved us, we still couldn't trust him especially his dog!" Jake growled. " well we don't need your trust! You should get out of here or we will we do the the jake way!" " Ok, then we will! Come on Fionna!" Cake grabbed Fionna and marched out the door. " We'll just find our own house! We don't need your help!" 



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