Love and blood

This is a Finn and Jake Fanfiction. This story is about Finn and Fionna and how their romance started. They soon become together until the lich comes and tries to rip them apart. What will happen if the Lich takes Fionna from Finn and tries to take her soul for the lich to be come powerful and capture all the souls of the people in Ooo? Will Finn make it and save Fionna and Ooo or will the lich take over?
Its a story of romance, violence and decisions that will be difficult to choose from. A fight for love that might drive them to fight to the death.


1. A strange encounter


 This story is actually suppose to be a Finn and jake fan fiction but since Im new here, well i just wanted to write a story so here goes nothing. Hope you enjoy!


Chapter one: a strange encounter

Finn and jake were doing there normal thing to do,fight bad guys, save princesses from the ice king and playing BMO. But every thing seemed to be boring. They laid on the grass infront of their treehouse. Then jake said to Finn, " Hey man, Im going to lady rainicorn's and play viola, wanna come?" Finn sighed. " No, Im not in the mood to move around today."" Ok man, see you later." jake said as he ran off. Finn sighed and looked up at the sky. He wanted to do something. Something that he had never done before, something fun. Then all of a sudden a black hole appeared in the sky. Finn quickly stood up and ran to the treehouse. " What the heck is happening?!" He cried and slammed the door shut. The black hole was sucking everything. It got the roof of their well, their bench, trees, logs and even the ducks. The ducks quaked and flapped their wings as they went into the black hole. Then, he saw a girl and a cat come out of the black hole. They landed on the ground unconcious. The black hole disappeared. Finn opened the door and ran to the girl and the cat. As he came closer he noticed that the girl was dressed like him, only she was wearing a skirt and a bunny hat, she also looked like his age. The cat was like jake but a little smaller. He carried the unconcious girls to the treehouse. He put the girl on the couch and the cat on the chair. Then, the girl with the bunny hat opened her eyes. She slowly stood up and said, " Cake, why are we at the treehouse, weren't we fighting the ice que-" she stopped when she saw Finn standing infront of cake who was still unconcious. She quickly drew out here crystal sword and shouted, " Hey, what did you do to cake?! Stay away from here you-" Then Finn turned around, his expression was surprised when he saw the girl. The girl with a bunny hat lowered her sword. Its a boy, she thought. Finn raised his hands like he was being holdup. " whoa, i didn't do anything, I swear. I just saw you guys fall out of a black hole, so I carried you guys back here." he said. The girl studied him carefully. He was wearing the same clothes as her but with shorts and a polar bear hat, he also looks like he has the same age as her. "Black hole?" she asked. " What black hole?" then cake yawned. The two humans turned towards her. Cake said," Fionna, I had this bad dream that we were being sucked into a black and we landed in a different pla-" she stopped as she saw Finn, she hissed and her tail stood straight. She pounced at Finn, " Don't you touch her! " she growled and started to scratch his face.  Finn screamed " She scratching my face! Get of me!" Fionna grabbed cake and tried to pull her of Finn. " Cake, no! He's a good guy!" all of a sudden the door slammed open. Jake ran in, his hands transformed into swords, " What's going on her-" he stopped as he saw cake, he growled and shouted, " Get of Finn you wicked feline!" he grabbed cake and threw her onto the wall, " Cake!" Fionna cried. " Jake don't hurt her!" Finn shouted. His face filled with scratches, blood kept pouring out. Cake recovered. She saw Jake and hissed, she extracted her claws and lunged at jake. Jake barked, he showed off his sharp fangs and charged at Cake. Finn and Fionna shouted, " No! " as the two animals clashed.






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