Aresto Momentum

Cassidy Allens wasn't your average pureblood, then again neither was her mother. Sorted into Slytherin for her personality traits she serves as an outcast to her house and finds her friends in the other houses. She's perfected making her life look story bookish and hiding the happenings at home for years until one day just before she turns sixteen her mother dies and she finds our her father isn't really her father. Forced into close quarters with the Slytherin prince at first she is disgusted, this boy was the source of why she had had such a hard time fitting into her house. Eventually she takes refuge in him realizing she isn't the only one whose been putting up an act. But can you love someone else if you don't first love yourself?


1. To The Manor

Author's Note: So this is the first chapter which was really hard to write because I know where I want to go with this and getting past the awkward phase is hard. If you'll stick with me it is going to get much much better. I solemnly swear. :) carry on. -HBP

Gray clouds hung low in the sky misting occasionally as I sat in the kitchen pulling at the hem of my dress. A light breeze drifted in from the window I had cracked and rustled the calendar that reminded my I had only finished my fifth term at Hogwarts three days ago and there were only two days until I turned sixteen. It would be the first birthday my mum would never see of mine. She was gone. My teeth clamped on my lip at the thought. 

''Miss, the master wants you out of the kitchen." Our house elf appeared in the doorway nervously peering at me. "He said to send you out into the parlor with the guests immediately." I sighed deeply rubbing my hands together. Mum's service had been short and now my father was hosting a party in her honor with over three hundred guests in attendance. If she had been alive she'd shake her head and tell me there weren't three hundreds people who liked her and my father would invite over. This was all for appearances like everything my father did was. "Miss...." The house elf came and took my hand tentatively. "Peoni know you miss the missus, Peoni do too. She and you are the kindest ladies Peoni ever met but making master mad bad. Master might hit Miss." 

"Peoni, you don't have to refer to yourself in third person. We've been over this." I stood and walked out keeping my eyes to the floor. 

Chatter filled the house. It was quiet and reserved but still there and no one was speaking of my mum, they were talking about the Dark Lord's rising or the imprisonment of the death eaters. I wanted to puke knowing that all these people were using mum's death as an excuse to come together and rub elbows. Worse yet, my father was one of them. "Sandwich?" A waitress lowered her tray. 

I took one and bit into it. The soggy bread mushed in my mouth. I dropped it in the bin and kept walking. I was only thirty feet, if I could just make it to the staircase I could go to my room curl up in a ball and cry. I wouldn't stop until it was time to go back to Hogwarts, back to my friends. People I wouldn't be able to see anymore because my father didn't approve of their blood status or political views. Half way there. I was going to make it.....

Dang it. A hand slung across my shoulders clamping down. My father pulled me near. Across from him was a large round man with little glasses and gray hair. Next to that man was a tall thin woman whose blonde hair fell perfectly. Her blue eyes were saddened and for a  moment I thought maybe she had actually knew my mother and cared for her. That was until I realized who this woman was, Narcissa Malfoy. Her husband had been chucked into Azkaban not too long ago for death eater crap. "Cassidy, say hello." My father demanded. 

"Hello." I said flatly not making eye contact. 

Father was aggravated. "You'll have to forgive her lack of manners. She's holding onto this death thing a little long." A little long? I wanted to go into a full out rage, she had died two days ago! I choked. 

The fat man reached out and touched my face. "I understand as I'm sure Narcissa does. Having just lost Lucius herself." I stepped back from him leaning hard against my father's arm and looking up in time to see Narcissa flinch. 

My anger rose causing my face to get hot. "Yes, you see the thing is her husband is still aliv and breathing. He'll be back eventually. My mum is gone. Forever." I steeled myself against the tears I felt brimming. Draco Malfoy appeared beside his mother. 

Just great. He stared me up and down several times hard in the silence. I knew what he was seeing, though my dress and hair were neat my make up was sparse. I looked awful, my eyes red my nose near running. This source of all the ridicule I got in my house at Hogwarts was here to see it. I straightened my shoulders. "If you don't mind I'm excusing myself to my room." My father squeezed my arm tightly trying to stop me but I broke away stutter stepping towards the stair case.  Realizing he couldn't make a spectacle of himself in front of his 'friends' I continued up the stairs. It wasn't until I reached the third landing that I heard the steps behind me. 

My heart thudded in my chest. I had assumed punishment would wait longer then this. I paused my hand on the door knob. A thin hand touched my shoulder gently reminding me of my mother's touch. I turned my body to see Narcissa. "Cassidy, I-" She paused forming her words carefully. "I just followed you to say I'm sorry, for your loss and for Edward comparing Lucius's absence to your mother's. I can only be thankful that I'm not dealing with the same, and I can not imagine how you're feeling." 

I nodded opening my door. "Thanks." I walked in and closed it heavily. The seven steps to my bed were too long, I only made it to my area rug before landing face down in the purple material to sob myself to sleep. 
I woke to chimes telling me it was ten o'clock in the evening. I stood shakily. Wiping my swollen eyes I opened my bedroom door slowly. Father's deep voice carried from his office down the hall. My feet padded softly against the hardwood floor, an act I had perfected years ago. I trained my eyes on the door so not to look at the family pictures on either side. When I made it I stood and listened. A cold voice shocked me. What was the professor doing here?

"Yes, she's to leave in the morning." 

"Finally." I heard my father exclaim. 

"You're being sent out as well." Snape drawled. 

"I know this, Snape. My letter was delivered this morning. I'm well informed." 

"Yes. Yes. Well, you should let her know she's leaving so she can pack a few things. The rest can be sent magically."

My mind raced. What? Where was I going? I leaned forward and my foot stepped on a worn board that squeaked in response. Nearly a second later the door was pulled open to Snape's face looking down on me. "Where am I going?" I demanded. 

"Come in Cassidy." My father called darkly from his desk. "You've always been a nosy whore like your mother." Snape looked uncomfortable as he let me in. 

I kept my chin held high as I strode in to stand before him. "Where?" I demanded to know. 

"The Malfoy Manor." His face was nearly smug. 

"Wait, why?" Malfoy Manor as in where Draco slept at night. I would have to be in the same house as him? "For how long?"

Father always had such a condescending laughter. "You'll be exposed to the truth about yourself when you arrive there. How long? Indefinitely."  He was sending me off? Right after the death of mum before my sixteenth birthday he was just going to send me to live with utter strangers? This man had done plenty of things, left his fair share of bruises and scars but this seemed too far fetched for home. "You'll want to back your personal things. The house elves and a few others can do the rest. You'll leave in late morning. Get back to bed." The tone his voice held was menacing. 

My had span as I made my way back to my bedroom. How could this be? In my room I locked the door and changed into a baggy shirt. From my desk I pulled Witch's Weekly 'Shower in a bottle' out for my hair. I'd take a real one in the morning but the hairspray was bothersome. Laying face down in my bed I had no idea what to feel. 
"She's what?" My orange juice was spat back onto the tale in disbelief. 

My mother stood before me nodding. "Cassidy Allens is coming to stay for at very least the summer break. Several important meetings are coming up." She began twisting her hands uneasily. "Of which at least one involves her from what I've been told. I don't know all the details Draco."

"Mum!" I spluttered. "She's a girl. We don't get along!" That was mostly my fault but still. "Pansy won't like it." I tried. She wasn't the biggest fan of Pansy but she always said I should try to avoid being blatantly awful to her. 

She turned away from me. "Some things are bigger then you're school problems. I'm sorry, but we're not in a spot to argue with anyone right now." My stomach sank. After father was thrown into Azkaban he lost a lot of his pull. Mother missed him terribly. "She's due around eleven. Go up and get changed." 

Realizing arguing would be pointless I stormed out of the room. My feet fell heavily against the stairs on my way to my room. I moved into my bathroom and took a quick shower. 

As the steam died down I brushed my teeth, tousled my hair, and walked into my closet. I went to pull on a pair of muggle sweats the decided against it. If we were having company I had to stay up to par, I pulled on my casual robes. "Master Draco, the Mistress calls for you downstairs."  A house elf informed. 

Downstairs my mother stood in the parlor nervously wringing her hands as she spoke to Cassidy and her father. Bellatrix was lounging in one of the chairs and another death eater who often frequented our house leaned against the door frame. As I appeared my aunt stood. "Look, here's the boy. Draco, why don't you show Miss. Allens to her room to set down her bag then give her a tour while the adults speak?" I glared. 

"Try not to be condescending." Cassidy muttered not so quietly. 

Bellatrix gave her a murderous look. "That's a great idea. Good bye Cassidy." Her father said before anyone else could say anything. He stepped away to make the point she wasn't getting a hug.  I could physically see her shoulders lower in defeat as she turned towards me. 

"Draco, will you?" Mother asked quietly. "Please? She's staying in the room next to yours."

"Yeah. Come on." I turned and walked up the stairs once again.  She was staying in the room next to mine? Lovely. When we reached her room the door had been opened. I walked in. It mirrored mine pretty closely with a smaller bathroom and closet.  "Here you are."

She sat a small bag beside the bed. "Thanks." She said quietly. 

"Is that all you have?" I indicated to the bag. 

"No. This is all I was allowed to bring with me. The rest is being brought later."

"Oh. Well, can I just tell you where everything is or do you want me to show you?" The idea of wandering the halls with her wasn't fun. 

Cassidy moved to the window gazing out. "You can just tell me the important parts." 

I licked my lips leaning against the doorway. "Well on the first floor thr important places are the drawing room where we were,  the kitchen, library, and all the main dining areas. If you need a house elf that's the best place to look Neville we're on the topic of them, they'll clean your room at breakfast so you have to attend it. Second floor has the smaller ballroom which has the best sound system for music, there's a study two doors down from here on the left and that's about it. Third floor is where my Aunt stays with her husband quite a bit therefore should be avoided unless you're going to the indoor pool which is behind the big white doors at the end of the hall. Questions?" 

"No." Her eyes turned and searched me. She looked as if she gad something to say but changed her mind. "You can go. Close the door." 

I watched her back for a minute. It was going to be a long few weeks. If we could just make it past the summer then everything would go back to normal. 

But it wouldn't. 

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