Aresto Momentum

Cassidy Allens wasn't your average pureblood, then again neither was her mother. Sorted into Slytherin for her personality traits she serves as an outcast to her house and finds her friends in the other houses. She's perfected making her life look story bookish and hiding the happenings at home for years until one day just before she turns sixteen her mother dies and she finds our her father isn't really her father. Forced into close quarters with the Slytherin prince at first she is disgusted, this boy was the source of why she had had such a hard time fitting into her house. Eventually she takes refuge in him realizing she isn't the only one whose been putting up an act. But can you love someone else if you don't first love yourself?


2. Let Me Tell You A Story

After Draco left the room I laid upon the bed face down. I had wanted it to be uncomfortable, hard, itchy, too soft anything I could complain about. It wasn't. Instead it was the perfect combination. I lost it at that point. Here I was motherless, my father had run off to do bidding for the Dark Lord, and I was stuck with the biggest jerk in my house back at Hogwarts. Tomorrow I turned sixteen and I had no one to celebrate it with.
Large hot tears poured down my face. I sobbed like I never had before. I cried and cried as if when I stopped crying I would cease to exist. Around lunch a house elf came in inviting me to attend the meal. I declined then curled into a ball. Sleep came, but it was restless. When I woke I took my bag and walked to the bathroom. The large mirror over the sink revealed a mess, not even a hot mess, just a mess. My eyes were red and swollen, my nose still had snot around it, my cheeks were blotched. I scrubbed my face with hot water till it stung. I then drug a brush through my hair and lightly applied some make up to make myself feel whole again.
Returning to the room I stared down out the window. Below me was an intricate rose garden, I even thought I saw a white peacock dart between two bushes. Tomorrow I would explore the grounds. There was no since in staying holed up in my room. It would also kepp me away from any of the people in this house. Maybe I'd do that until it was time to return to Hogwarts. It sounded like a fantastic plan that gave me the smallest inkling of hope that I could survive this hell.
A knock resounded on the door making me jump. I hurried and opened it expecting another house elf. It was Draco. "Oh. It's you." I said taken back a bit.
"Yes it is me. I do live here you know." I took in how he was more sharply dressed then when I had first seen him. His hair was dry as well. His gray eyes bore into me waiting for me to say something. I just returned his stare. "Well, I'm supposed to tell you we're having dinner downstairs."
Sitting at a table with his lot? No thanks. "No thanks, I'm not hungry." My stomach growled reminding me that the last thing I had to eat was a bite of the soggy sandwhich yesterday afternoon.
"Obviously you are. Please you'd make my mother happy." He shrugged. "The food isn't bad either."
I was really hungry. "Fine." I walked past him out the door heading towards the stairs. His footsteps hurried to catch up with me and we walked awkwardly in step during the first set. After hitting the platform I glanced out of the corner of my eye, away, then back again. He was glancing at me as well. I missed one of the steps and stumbled nearly falling face first. His hand reached out and caught me.
"Try not to kill yourself." He said dryly letting go of my arm and leading the rest of the way to the dining area. A long table was neatly set. Mrs. Malfoy sat quietly picking at her nails. The half crazed Bellatrix sat farther down writing a letter at a mad speed. Her husband sat across from her reading the Daily Prophet. I shifted awkwardly. Where was I supposed to sit?
Draco went to sit in the chair across from his mother. She looked up clearing her throat, "Draco, we're not forgetting our manners our we? There is a lady in your prescense." She smiled warmly at me. "Thank you for joining us Cassidy."
Draco pulled the chair next to his out. "This work for you?" He mumbled.
"Yeah. Thanks." I averted my eyes feeling my cheeks grow warm.
"Sorry if it is uncomfortable for you. I'm trying to teach him to be a gentleman." Mrs. Malfoy looked at her sister expectantly. When Bellatrix noticed she pulled her wand out and tapped the letter which promptly disappeared. Her husband, whose name I couldn't quite remember, folded the paper and set it in the chair next to him. "Dinner is served."
An array of foods appeared on my plate. "Cassidy." Bellatrix's voice carried as she took a bite of her food. I looked at her. "You have a visitor in the drawing room after we finish." Her smile made my stomach twist. This couldn't be good.
After an hour of uncomfortable small talk and picking at my food a small man appeared. He looked more like an overgrown rat. "He is here and ready." The man then disappeared. Mrs. Malfoy looked like she was sucking on a lemon as she gave me a pitied look. Bellatrix appeared to be the cat who swallowed the canarry.
"Come." She beckoned me through the door way with a long finger. I followed steeling myself for anything. When we entered the drawing room a high backed chair took up the middle of the room in front of the fire. "I've brought her, my lord." Bellatrix nearly purred bowing.
"Thank you." A quiet powerful voice hissed. I knew who was in that chair. It was him. The Dark Lord himself. "Cassidy."
I froze, my breathing stopped, as did my heart. After a beat of silence Bellatrix shrieked at me, "When the Dark Lord speaks to you you reply!"
"Now now my dear Bella." The monster replied. "Let's not be that way. Bring her closer."
Bellatrix was by my side her hand tightly digging into my upper arm dragging my small frame to the Dark Lord's face. I refused to look up. I wouldn't at all costs. Her finger drug my chin up till my eyes met his. He was a serpant, the view of evil. I wanted to spit on him.
A flick of a wand and I was sitting in a straight back chair facing him. "I'm going to tell you a story." I stared at my hands hard. "A very short time ago the first Wizarding War was in full swing a man was powerful. He had many under his command and going for his cause. They were going to suceed. All he needed was just an extra volume of power to over throw the oposing side and make the world a better place. He sought out a very wise and ancient man who told him that having a male heir could be beneficial. A son could be what this man needed to win. About that same time a woman crossed this powerful man in a very wrong way. A pureblood whose entire family was in ranks with the powerful man and she planned to marry the scum of the earth. A muggle." He licked what would be his lips. I listeneed intently wondering where this was all going. "This woman had something special about her, something she was saving for her husband. It was the fact she had never lain with another man. The woman was told very precisely not to marry the muggle or there would be consquences. She told the powerful man and her family to let them come. So they did." He smiled as if he was remembering something he was fond of. "The very powerful man then captured she and her soon to be husband. He took that woman to bed with him impregnating her while making the man watch. Then the powerful man killed the scum. He made sure the incubator for his son was well taken care of and closely monitered. She tried to kill herself and the child several times but she was always stopped. The baby was born. Problem was, the baby wasn't a boy. It was a girl. A female that could do nothing for him. The powerful man decided he didn't have any use for the child, he had every intention of killing it. The lady though begged him to have mercy and let her keep the child promised she would do whatever she was told if only she could keep her child." This monster spoke deliberately as if waiting for me to say something. He seemed to expect me to interupt. "The man had a very loyal and lonely follower who was looking to marry. He permitted the woman to keep the child and marry that man so his follower could be happy, so that pureblood could continue. Does this story ring any bells?"
I shook my head confused. This man was off his rocker.
"Hmm," He stood and bent to touch my cheek. "Funny I really thought it would. You see, that child was born exactly sixteen years ago tomorrow and she's in this room."
No. No. No. Everything went black.
Author's Note: Dun. Dun. Dun. Is this getting better then the last chapter? It will continue to improve I promise. Could I get some feedback on your thoughts? Thank you! You're lovely!

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