Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


1. Get to know the main character - Sierra Garcia

Hi, my name is Sierra Garcia, 18 years old and I've been a die hard directioner since 2011. I live in Peoria, Arizona. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I love to eat, sleep and I have the biggest crush on Niall Horan, a guy I couldn't think I could ever be with. I have five bestest friends in the whole wide world (also directioners) named Brianna Bernal - 18, Ashley Flores- 18, Ashley King - 19, Erica Dominguez - 18, and Samantha Brown - 17. 

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