Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


13. Chapter 9 - Awaiting Properly

Still Niall's POV   We all left the room and got into the black cadillac escalade limos waiting outside for us. I sat next to Sierra, the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my blue eyes upon. On the way to Castles N' Coasters, I haven't really asked her out yet, the proper way. I was so nervous. I know she wouldn't say no but a little part of me thought she might say no. I went for it.    Sierras POV   Niall smelt so good with his Gucci cologne. He wore not too little, but not too much. I'm so glad he sat next to me, I missed him so much. Niall seemed fidgety like he wanted to tell me something. "Sierra, darling?" He asked quietly. "Y-yes Niall?" I smiled big. "Will.. You.. Um does castles and coasters have good food?" He chuckled nervously. I was a little disappointed because he almost asked me. Almost.    TPPOV   Everyone went quiet. They knew what Niall was going to ask Sierra. He decked out at the last minute.    They arrived at Castles N' Coasters. 
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