Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


8. Chapter 4 - The Boys

Sierras POV

He excused us to the back of the stage and we simply saw the boys sitting on the couch looking so handsome and Zayn looking tired. I froze when I saw the love of my life stand before me, Niall. I walked towards him and he turned my way and smiled at me. I thought I was going to faint! The girls followed behind and their jaws were literally on the floor. I laughed at Ashley K's face. She had her daydreaming face and Zayn was sitting there laughing and pointing at her. What was he saying? I turned and saw that Ashley F was hugging Harry's leg and I was laughing so hard. Liam and Louis were shaking Sams hand and she had a wonderful smile in her face. At last, I went up to Niall and he said in the most beautiful voice with his crisp and sexy Irish accent, "Hello there, I'm well.. You know" "Oh yes! I know! Oh my.. Holy.. I'm sorry, my name is Sierra and its such an honor meeting you guys especially you. Oh wow.." I said nervously and fast. "Woah, slow down beautiful.. Take a seat on the couch there with me, love. I'd like to know more about you" he smiled. While Niall and I were getting to know each other, the girls were also talking to their love of their lives. Ashley K looked so shy and so happy. Ashley F and Harry were laughing all day. Samantha and Louis were starting to talk too. The girls looked so happy and was enjoying theirselves. "So tell me about yourself, Sierra" said Niall. Holy fuck his accent.. Snap out of it, Sierra. "Well, I just turned 19, It's my birthday today, so obviously I'm a Capricorn. I'm a big directioner, been since 2011. I converted these girls, aka my best friends a few years ago. I love all the boys but believe it or not, your my favorite and hold a special placement" I said blushing. "Wow, really? Thank you! I'm a Virgo..." Niall stopped when I interrupted his sentence. "Oh, I know! This is weird.. Sorry, but I know a lot about you, ALOT"  I laughed nervously. "Haha! It's ok. Well, at least you already know me and how I am.. I hate telling people about me, honestly" said Niall. "Really? Me too but if its you then I don't mind at all!" I said. Everything went smoothly. I loved every moment of it. Niall and I talked about ourselves before the concert and I found so much about him that no other directioner would know. I felt special. I liked him, and I think he liked me too. Throwing smiles and laughter. Niall was so funny and we could both relate.    Ashley Fs POV    "So.. Um.. I'm Harry, nice to meet you" "I'm.. Uhh.. Ashley Flores, it's nice to meet you too! I love you.." "Haha! I know" Harry laughed. I was thrilled. My flesh was tense and my blood was darting through my body. My heart skipped beats, my stomachs full of butterflies and my mind is all jumbled. His dimples. His hair fell perfectly in place. Wavy and curly. Tall and strong. He smelt nice, like a strong cologne but not too strong. I'm in my place.   Sams POV    There he was. My little carrot standing there all cute-like. I couldn't help but notice his blue eyes blinding me. They were twinkling. I fell for him right there. His strong sexy British accent flowed through me like music. "I'm Jennifer! Nice to meet you, haha" said Louis jokingly. "Haha! I'm Samantha. Can I have a hug?" I said nervously. We hugged. His arms around my waist. My heart danced. His warm chest against my flushed cheeks. "How is Eleanor?" I face palmed. I forgot they weren't together anymore. " Oh, we aren't together.." said Louis. He didn't seem down about it. He seemed calm. Maybe he was over it? "Sorry I asked.." I said guilty like. "No, no, there love. It's quite fine with me!" said Louis, smiling.    Ashley Ks POV   Holy fuck. Sorry Lord. Look at him. His eyes, curled lashes and lighted brown. Perfectly chiseled cheekbones. That smile, my smile. My heart fell out of my head. We hugged. Zayn was quite shy though and so was I. "Hi, my name's Zayn!" he said quietly. "Oh, I'm Ashley, Ashley King. It's so effing cool to be here and to meet you. Oh my lord, I'm crying inside." I said nervously. "Thank you, Ashley. I love your name and you give awesome hugs!" said Zayn. I wanted to take out my insides and staple them to a wall. The way he said Ashley just killed me, I just.. "Oh my gosh, really? Thank you! And people do love my hugs!" I said smiling. "So like, I wanna know more about you.." he said sweetly. "Well, I am 19. I'm also a Capricorn. I love you. I mean.. I am a big directioner since August of 2012 and you are all talented and deserve all positives coming your way. You boys deserve where you are now. And congratulations" I said confidently. He teared up a little. Inside his bad boy looks, there's a sensitive man in him. "Well, I.. Uhh.. Thank you Ashley. I appreciate it! I just don't know what to say.." said Zayn. "No problem!" I said smiling big.    Third Person POV   All the girls were getting to know the boys. Updating their twitters about their heart-wrenching experiences. They were all talking to each other and laughing and having a good time. Sierra got up and had to use the restroom. Niall had followed. Sierra had heard footsteps behind her and quickly turned around. "Oh my god, you scared me Niall!" Sierra said shocked. "Heh, sorry but I was wondering, since we're staying in Arizona for a couple days, that maybe you and I can go out some time?" Niall smiled. Her face lit up and automatically said, "Yes! Glendale Glitters is still open and it has some good ass food there.. Would that be fine?" exclaimed Sierra. "That would be perfect!" Said Niall, smiling big. 
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