Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


7. Chapter 3 - Living Large

January 14th, 2015 The Concert. Sierras birthday. The day! - Third Person POV   It was a big day for us but a very special day for Sierra. All of the girls woke up one by one. Samantha first, Sierra second, Ashley F third, and Ashley K last. It was 9:05pm and the girls busted out the makeup and hair instruments. We all looked flawless! "Alright guys lets get going I'm so fucking excited!" Shouted Sierra. "Holy fuck, holy shit, sorry Lord, oh my gosh!" Shouted Ashley K. We all walked out of the room and darted to the car.    Sierras POV    We reached the Pavilion and girls were barely showing up. Some girls were sleeping outside to see if the boys' tour bus would pass them. I would too, no lie. The girls and I were trying to find security to find our way backstage. I approached the man in front of the stage. "Hi, excuse me.." I said politely, showing him our passes. "Right this way, ladies!" The security guard exclaimed. 
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