Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


19. Chapter 14 - This moment was intense!

it's a small world ride and Niall and Sierra went to Frontier Land.   Louis' POV   I am so glad that Sam likes to shop. We decided that we should buy everyone a pair of Mickey ears. We went to a huge shop on Main Street and started picking out Mickey ears. We first got Sierra a cute pair of sparkly mini mouse ears with a red bow, then we chose a plain Mickey Mouse hat for Niall. A sorcerer Mickey headband for Ashley K and a sorcerer Mickey hat for Zayn. Ashley F a red headband with black polka dots, on top was a yellow rose with an old fashioned mini top hat and feathers. we got Harry a plain Micky mouse hat, same as Niall's. I went to ask Sam, "What pair do you want?" She told me to randomly choose. I found the perfect pair. It was a headband from Pirates of the Caribbean. The ears were red with white stripes. It had a mini top hat and feathers, a pink rose in the corner and a button that has Minnie Mouse skull and crossbones. Her face brightened, I knew she loved it. Sam looked beautiful in it. I loved seeing her happy. The one I picked for myself was also from Pirates of the Caribbean, it was just a plain Mickey Mouse ears and a pirate hat. We found the perfect set for Liam and Dani. Perfect bride and groom Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. We went to pay and I gave Sam her new ears and she was excited to wear them.  "Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite ride!" Sam screamed. That was good to know. I know what to do to ask her.   Niall's POV   Sierra told me she has never been to any Disney place since she was very little. I was surprised. I took her to ride the mark twain boat and she liked it. I took her on all of the rides in Frontier Land and Critter Country, including Splash Mountain. At first there was small creatures singing and it was evil! Then there was a BIG drop and water was everywhere! All you heard was silence because it took our screams. We went over and saw our picture and it was so funny, so I bought it. I could tell she was getting hungry and since I'm always hungry, we decided to call the boys and meet up. We all met up at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontier Land. They were having an open-mic night, so the boys and I all got up to sing and we sang One Thing. Harry sang to Ashley F in the audience. When the song ended, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said "YES!!!"   Louis'  POV   After we performed, we went back to the table, ordered dessert and gave the girls their Mickey ears. Now time to make my move. "Come on Sam, lets go" I whispered to her. "Alright where to next?" She asked. "Your favorite ride..." I replied. She smiled and frolicked along happily.   Samantha's POV    I was so excited to go on Pirates of the Caribbean ride with Louis. When we got in there, he went to the side and asked for a single boat for the both of us. I wondered why, but I just went with it. We got on and the ride started, he turned towards me and asked softly, " Samantha, will you be mine?" Just then, we went down the first drop and I smiled. "Of course I will!" I screamed quietly. We cuddled through the rest of the ride, acting like pirates.   ----------8 hours later----------   After a day of fun at Disneyland, One Direction was asked to perform at the firework show. They agreed to it and was setting up, as the girls went to the gift shops and bought presents for the boys. The firework show started and the fist song they sang was, Nobody Compares. The next song was, One Thing. After was, Change My Mind. Little Things was after.   Zayn's POV   While singing Little Things, I was very choked up and shred a tear. i definitely wanted to dedicate this song to her.  "Will you be my Princess... Leia?" I asked her, nervously. Ashley smiled from eat to ear and chuckled, "Only if you be my Han Solo?" She replied. It was the best thing anyone has ever said to me!    TPPOV   All the couples were on there way to the front, when the girls decided they needed a bathroom break. At this time, the boys went and bought presents for their girlfriends. When they got back to the hotel, they saw that they could see the World of Color from their window. They all watched it after they exchanged gifts. Zayn gave Ashley K a Star Wars necklace, it was the Death Star. Ashley K gave him a Star Wars phone case, it had Chewbacca on the back. Niall gave Sierra a scarf that was green and white striped and a charm bracelet. Sierra gave Niall a bottle opener that was shaped like a Micky mouse head. Harry got Ashley F a beautiful diamond necklace. Ashley F got Harry a chef hat. Louis got Sam a Pirates of the Caribbean necklace, a scarf that was red and black and a pair of Minnie Mouse slippers. Sam got Louis a pair of Micky mouse gloves and slippers after they all decided to go to bed.   Niall's POV   She was standing there, beautifully. Bursts of color reflected off her face and it made my heart melt. "Niall, lets go back to the room. I'm tired." She smiled. I knew where this was going... She took my hand and I followed her to the room. I opened the door with the card and I tried turning on the light switch but her hands brushed over mine and she turned it off. I grabbed her waist and she pushed in to me. We stared in each others eyes and started to kiss, passionately. I felt that she was taking control over me. So I pushed us away from the wall and made our way to the kitchen counter. I grabbed her leg and she jumped and straddled her legs around my waist. I slowly made my hand up her shirt and squeezed her breast. We made our way to the bedroom and when she was slowly slipping off me, I'd tug her up again. I wanted to be in her so bad. I was very hard. I threw her to the bed. I felt bad but it was exciting. She just chuckled. My hand was slowly moving up her inner thigh and I slid down her panties. I started to kiss down her and to the inside of her .Her juices tasted sweet and I loved it. She moaned loudly because I licked over her soft spot. Then I just realized, my pants aren't even off yet! I got up and started to unzip. I'm not joking, he literally jumped out. I brung her closer to me and we started to kiss again. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I felt that I was inside her. She started slow but then faster. "A little faster, baby" I said, moaning. She went faster and I went harder to help her. I felt sweat dripping from my forehead. This moment was intense.    Sierras POV   I know that he wants to wait till marriage, but man, I've been wanting to do this for a looong time. "I'm tired" I whispered to him. He nodded then grabbed my hand and I followed him to the room. I saw him reach for the light switch. Why would he want to turn the light on? I turned it off quickly because I don't like light. Especially what will happen right about now. I pulled the first move. I pushed him against the wall and closed the door. I felt his hot breath over my neck and it was making me crazy. His beautiful blue eyes were gleaming against the reflection of the fireworks. He came closer to my face and started to kiss me. I put my leg up around him and I felt his boner against my thigh. We suddenly shifted to the counter and all I wanted to do was go to the bed. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. All I felt was a hand go up my shirt. We shifted again and this time it was the bedroom and I was thrown to the bed. I liked that. He was massaging my inner thighs and started to take my panties off. I threw off my shirt and lie my head down on the pillow. I let him take over. His warm breath across my neck. He kissed my body until he got further down. I could feel his tongue move around in me. I screeched when he went to the spot. His tongue felt magical. All of sudden his face pops up and he's unzipping his pants. 'Good ole Niall' I thought. I chuckled. I helped him take off his briefs and he pulled me in closer. I sat on top of him so that he would be inside me. I started to rev and go faster. It was so big and it took up space in there. It felt so good and so right. "A little faster, baby" he said to me, softly. I started to go fast and I could feel his hips thrust hard. 
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