Looking for Moments (Niall James Horan love-story)

A girl named Sierra, a beautiful and young girl from Arizona, who gets great news from a radio offer that she gets to see One Direction in concert playing in her hometown! She takes three of her gorgeous bestfriends and her life changes from that very moment. I hope you enjoy, this is my first fanfic!


17. Chapter 13 - To California

Niall's POV   After we got all the girls' stuff, we all piled into the bus. We picked out our bunks. There were only four bunks and a big bedroom, so we had to share. I shared with Sierra, of course. Besides, it's only about a six hour drive to California from Arizona. So instead of taking our jet, we took the tour bus. We decided to catch up on our sleep. So we went to the bunks to fall asleep.    ---------3 hours later--------   Sierra's POV   I woke up in Niall's arms and it felt like I was meant to be with him. He started to move and he woke up. "Morning babe!" I said softly.  "Morning!" He replied smiling as he was kissing me. He licked my bottom lip,  so I opened my mouth and we kissed passionately... until louis and Samantha started singing loudly and annoying.   Louis's POV   I woke up before Samantha, so I caught myself watching her as she slept. I wanted to kiss her so bad. She looked so pretty as she slept. Minutes later, I decided to kiss her forehead. She woke up and I was blushing. When she woke up, she smiled and I knew she liked me. I will ask her out, I just need to. I will before we leave to California.   Samantha's POV   He kissed my forehead. I wish he kissed my lips but he still kissed me. I am so happy! I hope he asks me soon. I decided to get out of bed. "Let's go wake people up!" Louis agreed, "How?" He asked me. "We can sing or something?" I suggested. "Let's sing the wake up song!" we both said in excitement in unison.   Ashley K.'s POV   I was getting annoyed at Sam and Louis because they were singing very loud. I'm going to kill her! I untangled from Zayn and some how he was still asleep, so I went out of the bunk to Sam and I punched her in the arm and  went to lay back down.   Samantha's POV   Everyone was awake besides Zayn and Ashley K. We were still singing then all of a sudden we heard the curtain swing open. Ashley woke up and punched me in the arm. It left a mark but it didn't hurt at all and I knew she would do it. It wasn't that hard but Louis was right beside me to make sure I was okay. Then I started laughing and everyone looked at me like I was crazy, except for Sierra and Ashley F. We were laughing then Ashley K. Walked out and started laughing too then we were all laughing. The last 3 hours went by fast; We watched two movies on the big screen in front of the bus while on twitter. We arrived to the hotel  called the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. All the girls were excited about the spa and the boys were excited for the location. We pulled into the parking lot and there it was, Disneyland and California Adventure. Now I am excited. We forgot that there was fangirls running down the street for the boys. We quickly hurried inside the hotel. Paul went up to the counter and got us five suites on the top floor. We picked our "bunk buddies" and when Liam walked into his room, there was Danielle, his fiancé, sitting on the bed. We were all happy to see him smile big. We all knew that he was left out the whole trip. He was so excited and kicked us out of his room. Well, you know where that will end up going..
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