This is ME<3

HI!!!!! Okay, So my name is Elizabeth!!!! Hehe!!! ^.^ So this is me!


2. Chapter 1


Sooo.... My name is Elizabeth Cathryn Whitley  My friends call me Lizzie! This is Me! DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! I AM HUMAN TOO!!!! OKAY!!! I only have two friends. I know! I'm just a loner like that! My friends are Lottie Tomlinson and Raleigh Brown. I kinda have a crush on Lottie's older brother Louis. What!!! He is very witty and VERY gorgeous!! DON'T TELL LOUIS I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM OR I WILL HURT YOU!!! Lottie doesn't even know yet! I'm going to have to tell her though! I have to, right? Well ANY-WHO!!! Lottie and Raleigh are coming over today so I guess this is it for now!

BYE!!! <3 Lizzie OUT!!!

 LIZZIE's P.O.V.: 

Omg!Omg!Omg! I can't believe I actually like Louis!!! Lottie will kill me if she knew! He's like 7 years older than me! *MINI HYPERVENTILATION!!!!* "Knock! Knock!" Lottie and Raleigh sang coming through my bedroom door. "Wow!" I said."Hey, Is Louis here? I think I hear him and the boys rumbling around down there." I pointed downward. My room is on the first floor, but my family has a Game room/Basement downstairs. "Yes." Lottie said smiling shyly. "Sorry?" "Nah! It's fine! I'm sure Kade doesn't mind if the guys come over!' Kade is my older brother. The bad thing is Kade stole my diary!!! " Hey, let's go hang out in the game room." I suggested. "Sure!" They agreed. " BUT I PLAY X-BOX!!! FIRST DIBS!!" Rayleigh screamed running down the stairs. Oh no! What if Kade told Louis? What if he showed Louis my diary?

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