The New Teacher

My name is Alexia, but everyone calls me Alex. I have a screwed up life, my parents don't give a crap about me and my younger sister, Lilly. She is only 1 and a 1/2 so when I'm at school I have to get a baby sitter.

I have only got a few close friends who understand when they ask me to hang with them I have to bring Lilly with me.

What happens when a new teacher takes over her Drama class? What will happen when she likes him and he likes her? Will they take the risk? Read and find out


2. What Should I Do?

Alex's POV:

We both started leaning in we were, we were inches apart. His hot, minty breath tickling my lip. I suddenly realised what I was doing, I pushed him back, I grabbed my bag and ran out, I heard Louis yell my name but I didn't stop. I ran straight to the bathroom and locked myself in one of  the cubicles. At this point I had no idea what I was going to do. I sat in there all lunch trying to calm myself down. The bell rang which made me jump. I got up and that's when I realised I left my phone in the drama room with Louis. Great, I'll have to go get it. 

I started to wander down to the drama room. I looked in the window of the door, he was at his desk on a spare by the look of it. I slowly knocked on the door. I saw him get up and walk to the door. "Aria..." Louis said while he opened the door. "Uh, I left my phone here. Can I get it?" I asked not looking at him. "Oh.... Yeah of course its on my desk come in" he replied seeming nervous. All I could think of his touch, his breath, his eyes. I can't get him out of my head. I can hear him walking close behind me. Its not even been 1 day and I have already done something wrong, AND have a crush on a teacher. 

I grab my phone quickly and turned around, not looking where I am going and walked right into Louis, and hard. Being the clumsy me I fell straight on my arse. "OW!" I squealed. I head Louis chuckling. "Are you gonna help me up or what?" I looked up him. He put his hand out to pull me up. But as soon as he grabbed my hand, I winched in pain. With that Louis came and sat on the ground expecting my wrist to see if it was broken. It was silent but not a awkward silence it was nice. All of a sudden he got up and walked off. "Did I do something?" I mumbled to myself, I saw him walking back with a first aid kit. 

"By the look of it you didn't break it but its most probably a sprang or a a jar. But you'll survive" he said with a chuckle. He grabbed a pressure bandage out and started to wrap my wrist up. "I'm sorry about before" he said looking straight into my eyes. "Its ok Louis, it takes two to tango" I said with a flirtatious giggle at the end. "Oh and sorry for crashing into you and thank you for wrapping my wrist" I smiled at him sincerely. And with that it he was finished wrapping my wrist. 

I got up, and started to walk towards the door and go to my next class when Louis called my name. I turned around to see him jogging up with a peace of paper and a pen. "Take this to your next class. Its a note saying why you are late ok?" he said smiling at me. "Thanks" I said. Then I did something I shouldn't of. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Yeah I know, ooh what  a bay kissing someone on the cheek. But I thought that will be good enough. After the peck on the cheek I blushed and looked down. With that I walked out.

The rest of the day was pretty slow and normal. I caught Louis staring at me while it was lunch time, I didn't think anything of it though. Me and a couple of friends thought it would be good to go to the park and play some soccer/football. So that was the plans for this afternoon



Sorry it was a short  chapter but hopefully the next will be longer :) Hope you liked it. Please comment what you think should happen and if you like it :)

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