The New Teacher

My name is Alexia, but everyone calls me Alex. I have a screwed up life, my parents don't give a crap about me and my younger sister, Lilly. She is only 1 and a 1/2 so when I'm at school I have to get a baby sitter.

I have only got a few close friends who understand when they ask me to hang with them I have to bring Lilly with me.

What happens when a new teacher takes over her Drama class? What will happen when she likes him and he likes her? Will they take the risk? Read and find out


3. The Soccer Game

A/N: I've Decided to to change the play from Romeo and Juliet to Blackrock written by Nick Enright because its Australian play. And I have directed this play so I know it pretty good. 


Alex's POV:

I decided not to go to Louis's house to house to rehearse our lines for Blackrock. I thought it might be better not to at the moment. So, I decided to go the park with my friends and have a game of soccer/football. School had finally finished, I was making my way out of the school, until I heard my name being yelled. I turn and see Louis jogging up to me. The way his hair bounced the when he ran. I was so in deep thought I didn't even realise that he had caught up to me. 

"Alex?" he said for the 4th time. I finally snapped out of my day dream. "Oh, yeah sorry. What do you want?" I asked looking down. "Um, we need to talk, uh about what happened earlier..." he said just above a whisper. "I ah, actually really need to go I have plans today. If I don't go now I will be late" I said looking at him. "Oh ok, well then. Could we talk about it tomorrow 1st class? I can sign you out?"  he said. I knew he wasn't going to drop this until we spoke about it. "Yeah that's ok" I said while looking down. "Ok good. Well I'll let you go then" he gave me a smile playfully smacked my arm. I chuckled trying to make me get out of this situation. 

Once I got home I had asked Zoe to stay longer while I go to the park with my friends. It took some convincing but it was all-right. I started to find some casual clothes that I could run around it to wear to the park. After about 10 minutes of rummaging around my wardrobe, I finally decided on this with a singlet underneath so if I get hot I can take the sweater off. 

I started to walk down to the park with my earphones in, walking and dancing towards the park. I was in a really good mood, nothing can bring me down right now! I finally arrived at the park, I couldn't see my friends here yet. Great their late and I'm gonna be a loner until they get here, I sat under a tree near a field where some guys were playing soccer. They looked pretty damn good. I sat there watching them for a while. I often see one of the guys glance over a few times. I didn't mind at all, he looked pretty hot from what I see of him. 

My friends had finally arrived. "finally!" I yelled at them. They all laughed at me, I gave them all a hug. We all had a conversation about school, friends, boyfriends and family. They had brought some snacks and some drinks "Can we just play a game now!" I said frustrated. We all go out on the field next to the boys. We separated into teams and started. I made sure that what ever I did it wouldn't hurt my wrist. By now they boys had stopped their game and were cheering us on. It felt good getting cheered for once. My team had only just won by one point. We were all hot and sweaty and went to our gear and got some drinks. 

We were all in our own conversations when we heard "Great games girls, you did really well" they guy said with a thick Irish accent. He had blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes. "Thank you" I politely responded, thinking they would just go on in their own way. But they didn't, I took a look at them all and one caught my eye, he had a cheeky smile. Then it hit me. It was Louis Tomlinson! I quickly shied out, I blushed and looked to the ground. "Dani, I'm just gonna run to the bathroom I'll be back" I said trying to get out of there. 

I was heading to the bathroom when I felt I was being followed. I sneekaly looked behind me, it was Louis. I silently laughed, I kept on walking until I got to the bathroom. I got into the bathroom, I didn't need to go, telling the truth I'm paranoid about Lilly. I gave Zoe a call to see how she was going. I new she would be ok, and she was. I decided to call my parents. (M=Me D=Dad)

D= Hello?

M=Dad, we need to talk!

D= Don't speak to me like that! I'm your father!

M= Barely your never home! Lilly NEEDS her parents! I can't keep playing mum! I can barely take care of my own life! Let alone of a 1 and a 1/2 year old girl!

D= I didn't even want her!


By now I had tears stream down my face.

D= *Sigh* Your right! Look I'll come home tomorrow and I'll take her with me. Thank you.

I didn't even bother to say by I just hung up. I looked in the mirror, I tried to clean up so no one noticed what happened. I stayed in the bathroom until I have fully calmed my self down. As I left I saw Louis leaning against the building. I kept on walking trying to act normal. "Are you ok?" Louis asked as he grabbed my waist to stop me. "No, but it will be. I got to to my dad to take Lilly" I said trying to be strong. He just pulled me into a tight hug, I had hugged back. "We gotta get back, my friends will start to worry" I quickly said as we pulled apart. He just nodded. 

We got back to the group, by now everyone new each other and seemed like pretty good friends. They all introduced themselves. "Hey I have invited the boys over for a camp fire and a swim at 7. You wanna come?" El asked with pleading eyes. I looked at everyone, then to Louis who had a assuring smile on his face. "*Sigh* Ok sure I guess. I'll need to pack a crib and clothes/food for Lilly. Could someone help me with that?" I asked looking around. "Yeah I can help if ya want" Louis asked. I should of guessed he would offer like that. After that we all started to leave and Louis had driven us to my place to start pack up. 



Hey Guys! How are you liking it so far?  

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