The New Teacher

My name is Alexia, but everyone calls me Alex. I have a screwed up life, my parents don't give a crap about me and my younger sister, Lilly. She is only 1 and a 1/2 so when I'm at school I have to get a baby sitter.

I have only got a few close friends who understand when they ask me to hang with them I have to bring Lilly with me.

What happens when a new teacher takes over her Drama class? What will happen when she likes him and he likes her? Will they take the risk? Read and find out


1. Meeting Him

Alex's POV:

I woke up to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. I slowly got up and had a steaming hot shower to wake me up. I finally managed to get myself out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and a dried myself. I grabbed another towel to dry my hair. After I have dried my self. I dragged my self to my room to choose what to wear today.  After about 20 minutes going through my wardrobe I decided to wear this I straitened my long blonde hair and left it down. I applied a small amount of make-up. And I was now ready for school. 


I made some breakfast for myself poured myself a glass of pine apple. By the time I had finished my breakfast it was time, Zoe, Lilly's babysitter, had arrived. I said my good byes and I was off to school. On my way to school I meet up with 2 best friends, Eleanor and Danielle. 

"Heyy!" they both yelled to me from across the street. I laughed at them as they skipped across the street cheerfully. They both looked beautiful like normal. I really don't know why these girls are my best friends. 

"Heya girlies" I replied giving them a hug each. "I wonder who our new drama teacher is? I hear he is young and hot!" I asked thinking about who our teacher will be. "Well I don't know! We will just have to wait till first period" Dani said. We finally got to school and we are late. GREAT! This will be a good impression for the new teacher.

I knocked on the door and walked in and we all put our bag down and walked up to the teachers desk. "Sorry we are late Mr...." I said. I looked straight into his beautiful green eyes and melted. I could of died right then and there happily. 

"Mr Tomlinson, but please call me Louis. Mr Tomlinson makes me feel old. What are your names girls and why are you girls late?" He asked. He looked at me and smiled. That's when I realised I was still staring at him. I looked down and blushed. 

"My name is Alex, this is Dani and El. And we were late because my little sisters baby sitter was late which caused us to be late, sorry." I replied quickly. I heard Dani and El laughing at me. "Shut up!" I mouthed to them which made them laugh even more.

"So girls pair up, as you can tell one of you won't have a partner. So you will be partnered with me" he said with a half smile. Dani and El automatically grabbed each other. "Why do we have to pair up and what for?" I asked Mr Tomli... err Louis. "We will be working on the play 'Romeo and Juliet' and you will have to do 2 scenes out of it. Which has to last for at least 5 minutes each scene minimum. Here take these. These are the task sheets, yes it is a assignment" he replied handing the task sheets out. Great I have to one of the most romantic play with a teacher. Well at least he is young, hot amazing eyes and .. WAIT I should NOT be thinking of a teacher this way NO!

The girls ran off to do their work and leaving me with Louis. "Do you have any scenes in mind?" I ask him looking at my play book. I was hoping that he wasn't thinking of doing the 'kiss' scene. Even though I wouldn't mind kissing Louis, grabbing his hair while he pushes me against the wall and his hands roaming my body. WHAT AM I THINKING! Oh my I think I have a thing for him. I just met him like 10 minutes ago and the fact the he is a TEACHER!

"Alex, are you ok?" Louis asked pulling me out of my day dream. "Oh.... Er, yeah. Whys that?" I replied trying to shake the thought out of my head. "You were staring at me for like 5 minutes. And you didn't listen to the scenes I thought that we might do" Louis said with a slight chuckle. "Oh sorry, I tend to day dream a lot. I didn't mean to stare I guess you were in the way of my day dream. And what scenes did you say?" I said with a slight laugh. "Well, I thought of when Romeo and Juliet first meet and when Romeo finds Juliet dead. What do you think?" Louis asked looking me right in the eyes. 

"But both of those scenes we er, um have to kiss..." I said the last part slowly. "Yeah I know but it will be a stage kiss, it looks like we uh kiss but we really don't" he said with a chuckle. The bell rang and Louis and I didn't even get to rehearse any of our lines. CRABAPPLE! Every one is starting to leave. "Uh, since we didn't get to start to rehearse our lines. W-Would you m-mind coming to mine ahh after school to uh rehearse. Is t-that ok? If not its ok!" Louis managed to get out. I laughed how much he sturtted in that sentence, I thought that was adorable! "Yeah that is ok I just gotta get my little sister first though. My parents are bad parents they don't take care of us. Lilly is only 1 and 1/2 and she needs here mum and dad! I STILL NEED THEM AND I AM 17! I SHOULDN'T NEED TO TAKE CARE OF HER" I didn't noticed that I had started to yell and had tears streaming down my face. 

I pulled my knees to my chest and cried, I couldn't stop. I don't know where El or Dani are when I need them, only Louis was still in the room. At this point he had pulled me in a hug and was rubbing my back trying to calm me down. I had put my head into his chest making is shirt wet from my tears. 20 minutes later I finally calmed down, I am still wrapped in Louis arms. I felt happy, safe and where I should be. 

"I'm so sorry! It's just that I've had it rough" I said barely over a whisper. "Hey hey its ok. Your not the only girl who has cried in front of me. And I know how you feel, my parents were the same way. They left any time they want and we had to fend for ourselves." he said looking into my eyes.

Before I knew it we were both leaning in. Getting closer each second until....



Hey guys this is my first Movella. How is it so far? 

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