The Bridge

Brave. That's one word how to describe Lisa Black. She's not afraid of anything she's went bungy jumping off of bridges, sky dived, and went cliff diving into raging seas. One day her ex- boyfriend challenges her to jump off the tallest and most scariest bridge in all of London, before she jumps a voice yells at her to stop. Who is this mysterious person? What is her biggest fear?


2. The Jump...... Kinda

Lisa's POV


It was 11 a.m. and I had 1 hour until I had to jump, I decided to scope out the area, I always do this before I jump. Just in case there's any sharp edges that I may not want to jump from, "Hey Black!" Someone yelled from far away, god here he comes, I looked at my watch 12:00, wow I've been thinking for awhile. "Hey Jackass!" I yelled back "Okay let's get this over with Blake. " I said, I started to strip down to my bikini "Now we're on a first name base?" Blake asked, with a smirk on his face, I rolled my eyes. 


The sun was a brilliant shade of orange, the sky was like a rainbow with cotton-candy clouds. By now about 20 people were gathered around, along with my parents and my little sister Katie. But, 5 figures caught my eye they had dark sunglasses on and their hoods pulled up, they were staring at me. They turned around and started to talk to each other "5 minutes!" Blake shouted. 'You're going to be okay, you're going to be okay' I told myself. I need to lower my blood pressure and slow down my heart rate.


Zayn's POV


We can't let her jump, I can't let he jump, I've had a crush on her since the second grade, then I went on the X Factor, and I left her and I came back and heard the news on her being the new bad-girl and badass chick. That is what I wanted her to be all along when we were in elementary school, but she was so....... innocent, and here I am watching her get ready to jump off Crosskey's Bridge. I knew EVERY dirty detail about that place. "So what's the plan Zayn?" Niall asked. " Well, I was thinking that right when she was about to jump I would stop her then." I said "What if she already is over the edge?" Liam asked. I never thought of that "Then..... I'll jump after her. " I said, I don't know what came over me I never actually thought of committing suicide for her, but I would now. "OK, GET READY TO JUMP BLACK!" This kid yelled, I think his name is Blake. I relaxed and watched her get ready to jump.


Lisa's POV


I got ready to jump, it looked SO far down, I started to second thought it. Did I really want to do this? No. No, I didn't have to nor did I want to "Blake, I'm backing out. " I said I looked up at him, I saw one of the five figures shoot their head up at my defeat. " Black you're not backing out now are you?" Blake asked. Wait, what the hell am I doing I can't ruin my reputation! I turned back towards the cliff. "1.......2......3!" and I jumped.


Zayn's POV


She jumped. I ran to the cliff and I did something I never thought I would do, I jumped for her, what was going through my mind? I'm still trying to figure that out as I was falling, I saw her land on a ledge that was connected to the cliff, and soon I landed there to. I stood up and saw the boys staring down at me "HELP!" I yelled "TRY TO SEND DOWN A ROPE!" I yelled. The boys turned and was talking to somebody , they turned back "SORRY MATE, YOU'RE GOING TO BE STUCK THERE FOR AWHILE!" and I broke down into tears.

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