The Bridge

Brave. That's one word how to describe Lisa Black. She's not afraid of anything she's went bungy jumping off of bridges, sky dived, and went cliff diving into raging seas. One day her ex- boyfriend challenges her to jump off the tallest and most scariest bridge in all of London, before she jumps a voice yells at her to stop. Who is this mysterious person? What is her biggest fear?


1. The Challenge

Lisa's POV


I pulled up to the mall and parked the car, I had just gotten a new job at Syco Records woking at the front desk, I make a great amount of money and believe it or not I've met Simon Cowell! All of my friends look up to me not only am I pretty beautiful, I'm a badass female! Been there, done that. I've sky dived about 4 times, jumped off cliffs, and went bungy jumping off of bridges! I was just walking up to the mall doors when I was stopped by my jerk ex- boyfriend, he goes by the name of Blake he and I went out for about 2 years and he cheated on me with my used to be bestfriend. I dumped his sorry ass as soon as I found out, I may seem mean and bitchy but I'm nice and kind, ask anyone! "Hey Black!" "Hey jerk!" I said back with a smirk he just gave me a frown "Now is that the way to talk to your BESTfriend!?" He asked really sticking out the word 'best'. I rolled my eyes "At least I would have the guts to not cheat with my GIRLfriends bestfriend!" I said back I really know how to push his buttons, I was getting bored so I started to walk away. "Oh really? I bet you couldn't jump off a bridge!" He challenged, I stopped I slowly turned turned around, did I forget to mention he knows how to push my buttons also? "Name the time and place." I stated I'm ALWAYS up for some bridge jumping! "Tomorrow, noon, at.... Crosskeys Bridge." He said, I froze Crosskeys is the tallest and most scariest bridge in England. I thought for a minute, ehh... what do I have to lose? "Deal!" I said I shook his hand "Don't be late or I'll come looking for you and throw you off that bridge!" He said. I quickly texted my bff Kaitlyn

To: Best Brittish friend

Come 2 the mall I need 2pick out a bikini I have another challenge : )


a few seconds later I got a text back


To: Bravest Brittish friend

B there in 5!


About 3 minutes later I was whisked away by her pulling me into Forever 21. I must have tried on 30 different bikini's! I stepped out of the dressing room for the lucky 41st time! I had finally found the one for me, It had blue, green, and hot pink with ruffles one the bottom and top. "Let's get out of here!" I said. I had to get home and get ready for the jump tomorrow, I just hope it won't be my last.....

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