best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


9. chapter 9

The next morning i wake up next to harry and i hear a knock at the front door. When i went to see who it was i forgot i had only one of harrys shirts on and underwear. When i awnserd the door it was my mum and my mum says "why are you wearing harrys clothes zoe did you have sex with the boy" Then i start blushing so my mum knows i slept with him. I invite my mum in while i go change and i bump into chela and tell her to talk to my mum and she goes. After i change i go talk to my mum for a while and she says "zoe i want to meet the rest of one direction since we are here and shit so how about in 2 hours we meet at nandos and get to know each other" I say ok and my  mum leaves. After my shower with harry (we might have done things in that shower) we get ready to meet my mum and we call the boys to come to harrys. When the boys got to harrys we left but chlea went with my parents because she has a huge crush on liam and she is really happy to get to know him. All during lunch me and harry are holding hands and chela is staring at liam and everyone is having a good time. After lunch we were walking to the cars and harry pulls me aside and says "zoe i know we have only known each other for 2 months but will you come on tour with me and the boys next month in america" "yes yes yes a million times yes i love you harry" "i love you to zoe" I run to my parents before they get in the car and say "im going to tour with one direction next month in america" Then my dad says "WHAT zoe you are only 18 and you think you can go leave on a tour without talking to us first" Then he keeps yelling about the danger about it and harry comes over and says "shane please calm down i know you are worried about your daughter leaving without a bigger notice but i love her and i will never let anything happen to her when we go and i mean it" "fine you can go zoe but if anything happens to you your little pretty boy gets it you understand" Me and harry both nod. Then i say to my dad "also paul will be there and he protects the boys so i bet he will do the same for me" Then we leave for home the boys are all down stares hanging out and i go up stares and take a little nap.

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