best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


7. chapter 7

Yes today is the day i get to see chela and have her move in with me. When she comes out of the plane i scream and run to her jumping into her arms yelling "i have missed my bff so much" Then she starts laughing because I knocked her down when i jumped on her. It took us a few minutes to get her other luggage so it gave us the chance to introduce her to harry.On the way home chela says "so Zoe you must be happy having the boy you day dreamed about to date you,also remember all the times you would stare at the pictures of harry and niall shirtless on your phone and..." I stopped her by yelling "fuck chela shut up" While i got hella red. Then harry says "what else have you not told me about this like what did you dreams did you have about me and my mate"After he said that chela said "well she would dream about you or niall marring her or like she also had dreams about this dark fic fiction that it was her in it with you and she would dream about having sex with you or niall and once she had a 3 way with you and him" When she finished talking we where about to pull into the drive way, but before we got out of the car chela says "so have you to had sex yet" Then harry slams on the breaks and turns his head to me and i say "chela shut up" And me and harry both got really read. After a little while of unpacking the car and showing chela to her room and around the house we ate dinner.After we ate we wanted to watch some movies. When we start the movie i'm cuddling up to harry and chela is texting her boyfriend Armando. After about 2 movies chela said she was going to bed so we said goodnight and she went to her room.

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