best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


6. chapter 6

Its been 2 months since me and harry moved in together. My parents live about 3 houses down so we can have our space. Since i have moved in i have become really good mates with the boys, but i feel like there is something missing. When all my stuff go to London harry saw all the one direction stuff i have and mostly what caught his eye was how much stuff i had of him and niall. One day i was checking my facebook and i haven't checked it since i got to London. I had so many notifications and messages. 2 messages caught me eye. I read the one that said chela first because she is my best friend. I open it and it says "hey zoe what happened to you i miss kicking it with you and shit. message me as soon as you read this i miss you. also i was on twitter one day and i saw a picture of YOU AND HARRY FUCKING STYLES KISSING are you two dating i need the deets love ya no homo" After i finished reading i call for harry to here. "what is it babe you scared the shit out of me" "sorry and i was wondering since we have 2 extra bedrooms can we have my friend move in us i just realized how much o miss her" As i finish i start to cry. Harry rushes to my side and says "sure what ever you want we can book a flight and everything just talk to her about moving here then we will do everything" "thanks boo i love you so much" "love you more" So i message my friend saying i miss her to and asking her f she wants to move in with me and harry and a lot of other shit happened in that convo. After a while i set up chelas flight her name is larry stylinson. After all the stuff with chela and her moving in i diside to look at the other message that really caught my attention. The message was from my ex-boyfriend gaven saying "hey babe where have you been i haven't seen you around i miss you. i really dident want to say this yet but i want to get back together with you i miss all the fun we had together call me @ 555-212-6969" After all the pain he put me through for 3 fucking years of playing mind games with me and playing with my heart he wants to get back together what a bitch. So i slam the laptop shut and yell because of how mad i am at gaven. Once harry heard me yell he came running to me to see whats wrong. I tell him everything that just happened until he asked me what exactly happened between me and him but i said i would rather not talk about him so we just get up and take a nap to get out minds off of things.

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