best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


5. chapter 5

After a while me and harry go to nandos to meet me parents. When we got there harry walked over to my side and opened the door. "thanks babe don't be nuroves at all its not like they are gong to kill you" i said. So i grab his hand so he calms down a little bit when we reach my parents i introduce every body "harry this is my parents Shane and Jessica, mom dad this is harry styles my boyfriend" after i say the word boyfriend my dad gets all protective "Zoe Anne who the fuck do you think you are already dating this boy after meeting each other for only 2 days" "dad its fine i know everything about him and he knows a lot about me" then harry said "sir if i may say i know me and Zoe only just met but i feel like i have known her for my whole life even though that sounds a little chessy"  Then we go and sit down so my parents can get to know harry because i bet you that they never listened to me when i talked about the boys. "so pretty boy tell us about your self" "well my full name is Harry Edward Styles, i used to live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire before i adutioned for the x-factor where i got put into a group with my 4 best mates who we are now called one direction my moms name is Anne and my sisters name is gemma" Then i say "also his birthday is febuary 1st 1994 and his favorite color is orange and there is a roumer around the directioner say that harry and him best mate louis are larry stylinson" After i said that everybody looked at me and i got hella red. Then harry said "well zoe you do know a lot about me" Then my dad says "well pretty boy if you think she knows now you should see her room back home it has your face and that dude niall all over it, and she also has a little spot on her wall for that larry stylinson shit" And thats when i started blushing hella red. When harry noticed me he said "awww little zoe is blushing" And he pinched my cheeks. We spent the next hour eating and talking about harry and my "dedication" to one direction. We are about to leave when harry stops my parents and asks "if zoe wants to can she move in with me i really don't want to lose her i have losed the other girls i cared about but none i cared about as much as her" "sure pretty boy but we need to live near here now cuz my wife dosent really like being away from zoe for log periods of time so we will just move in next to you" and with that we went our sepreat ways me to my new home and my parents to find a house. my life is just getting started.


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