best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


30. chapter 30

When we got to gavens house i ran up to the door banging on it. His mum answered the door and said "zoe its been a while what are you doing here" "where is gaven" "i dont know he is not here" "i know you know your his mum now where the fuck is gaven" "dont you dare talk to me that way Miss.Johnson" "its Mrs.Styles now but whatever now go call him and tell him to come home and dont tell him im here" So his mum goes to call him. When she comes back she said "he is at jadens house he is spending the night" I just leave and run to the other street to jadens house and barg in. I saw jaden helping gaven with his cuts and shit while i go over and start beating hum up. Louis comes in and pulls me off of him and gaven asked "why the fuck are u trying to beat me up" "you said hit to that fan and now everyone knows about the drama and not the reason behind all of it and you said you were going to sue harry" I turn to louis quick and mouth to him "tape this" When gaven answers he said "well when i messaged you on Facebook you dident answer me so i called you and you had the faggs tell me to never talk to you and at the wedding i got beat up for trying to tell you not to marry that faggot and at the concert i know i had that fuck you harry sign but i got punished for it by harry beating me up so could you cut me some slack" "cut you some slack gaven why that u are trying to mess up my marriage and now look at you your trying to mess up my husbands career its pathetic and this is what i hate you cuz if he loses his job the baby and me have no food and then what if the baby dies, its my first daughter and now you want to sue my husband and if we lose the money the family with crumble but that will make you hella happy wont it please just leave my family the fuck alone that includes the other boys of one direction of" HE just looks at me and says "well i want that baby dead its the child of the devil AKA your husband so fuck you and your family im done with you" I go over and slap him like 5 times across the face hella hard and leave with louis to the hotel. Im so happy louis taped that. But i cant get the words "i want your baby dread" Out of my head.

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