best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


29. chapter 29

It was about half way through the concert and harry says "well you all know about me and zoe getting married and going to have a kid so im happy to dedicate this next song to her this is the song that we danced to at out wedding and i would like her to come out while i sing this" He just stares at me while i walk out slowly. While he sang the song i got tears in my eyes and harry was also dancing with me during the song. After the song louis grabs a mic and says "well i know this is out concert but who would like it if zoe sang the next song with us" The whole crowd screamed and i was handed a mic. The song started and i was laughing cuz the song was Rock Me and its the song i sang at rehurlsles. When i was singing we were all singing and dancing like crazys. When the rock me part came on me and louis did his famous hip thrust and got the crowed to go along with it, Throughout the rest of the concert i just danced with the boys and made them mess up a little witch made the fans laugh. After that wonderful concert we all go to the dressing room and i check my twitter. My feed was blowing up with pics of me on stage and a video of me singing and then i saw one of gaven. I clicked on the one of gaven and had harry come watch cuz the caption said "harry beats up a fan because of hate twords zoe" I start freaking out so louis pulls me aside and helps me calm down while the others watch the video and all i can hear is someone saying "this is gaven hughes he used to date zoe and he said that he came to the wedding of harry and zoe and came to the concert and came home with a friend and zoe was there with harry and all three times he got beat up by mr.styles and as you can see is badly beaten up from tonight's concert when he came to see one direction sing and he wants to sue harry styles for all the shit he did" I get up grab louis and decide to pay gaven a visit. 

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