best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


26. chapter 26

We were heading to the hotel when i got the sudden craving for gummy bears and french frys so we got a lot of them. When we got back to the hotel we decided to watch a movie and i got to pick. The movie i picked was finding nemo where i know every word. Since im pregnant when nemos mum died i cried and it was weird. Throughout the movie everyone but niall and harry were getting annoyed because of me saying every word. Also harry and niall kept saying "you watch this movie to much" After the movie ended louis, zayn, and liam said "finally" And of course i punched them.The next morning me and harry decided to get revenge on the boys for the way they woke us up. We started with louis since we are in the same room as him. Once we yelled "its time to get up" He covered his head trying to block out the noise. when yelling dident work i mouthed to harry "kiss him" He just looked at me with a face that says no and i say "just do it he will think it was me" Harry just nodded his head and said "fine" When he kissed louis they both got into it and louis put his hand on harry neck to deepen the kiss. But when louis moved his hand to harrys hair then realized it was harry and backed away blushing. He said "i thought you were zoe, sorry hazza" Harry said sorry to and it was a very weird silence. I broke it by saying "that was the best thing ever, being able to see a larry stylinson moment in real life not just photo shopped and hey lets get the other boys by dumping buckets of water on them" They just nod. while walking to the boys room harry tells me "please dont tell anyone about what happened back there please" i just kiss him and say "ok i wont now lets wake up those boys" When we dump the water on them they scream hella loud and yell at us for getting them all wet. After they got dry we all got ready to go get ready for the concert tonight.  

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