best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


25. chapter 25

While on the way to the Rose Garden the boys started singing and darcy wouldn't stop kicking. We got the the concert hall and they started getting ready for the set list. Once they started singing i was dancing and singing while darcy was kicking again. I was laughing so louis asked why and i said "i think darcy likes your music" They all laughed. A while later harry came up behind me and said "babe you should sing a song" i just take the mic and walk to the stage to sing. When i get up there and the music starts i realized that the song is Rock Me and i laughed. I sang it but when the "rock me" part came on i did louis famous hip thrust. All the boys laughed and louis joined in with me. After the boys sang all the songs we had some time to spare so we played music and danced around. It was my turn to pick a song and my song was lap dance by tyga. When it started the boys looked at me like i was crazy but i dident care. I was singing and dancing to it and then grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the floor. I grabbed harry and sat him im the chair and gave him a hella sexy lap dance. During the lap dance i could hear the boys whistling at me and harrys little friend growing. Harry then whispered into my ear "i never knew you could do this babe" "there is a lot of things i can do" i say with a smile. The song ended and i ran to the bathroom. I got in there and shortly after harry followed me. He took me and started kissing me while undressing me. Then he put me on the counter and took off my bra. He was kissing me hard and playing with my boobs. I moaned loud and i couldn't take anymore. I ripped off his boxers and his throbbing erection came out. I whispered in his ear "fuck me hard babe" He just gave me a cheeky smerk and did what i asked. He was going slow then i said "faster! harder!" So he went faster and harder and i was moaning his name. Not long after we both climaxed and yelled each others names. We got dressed quick and went to the dressing room with the others. We walked in and niall and louis were yelling something. Then i realized that niall was yelling zoe and louis was yelling harry. I looked at harry embarrassed and hid in his chest. 

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